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How can the average citizen stop crime?

In the city where I live in the police is quite corrupt and many crimes go unpunished. Their response time is also terrible. As a result I began to think that the answer to crime and drug dealing does not lie within our government, but among us, the citizens. So I would like to know, do you know of any way for the average citizen to stop (or help stop) crime?

It doesn't matter if it's at the local, state or national level or if you suggest individual or collective acts, any suggestions will help. Thank you in advance.


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    Dec 4 2013: no one will agree with me on this one..but I have never been popular...my answer is to look around you and see who is suffering(not violent) and connect with them..engage those who have less on a personal level..if everyone did as few people we could make sure that no one is allowed to stay in a state of harm,neglect and suffering in which crime is a metaphour for their disconnection...brothers keepers style...sorry to reference biblical..but its a good saying and I live by it...and am not religiou
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      Dec 5 2013: carolyn, I avoid becoming friends with even minor criminals because I'm afraid that they will just exploit or abuse me in some way.
      • Dec 5 2013: I think Carolyn is talking more about prevention here. Connecting with someone that is hurting and helping them before they resort to crime (correct me if I'm wrong here Carolyn).

        Regarding your fears, well, they are well funded. Still, it may be a partial solution to trust at least minor criminals a little bit to see if they can make a change (and encouraging them to make that change happen too, of course).
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          Dec 5 2013: I guess a person should do what comes naturally? For me it just doesn't come naturally, at the moment, to associate with bad people. There are enough good people to associate with. Maybe in time I will change.
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        Dec 6 2013: GREG,I am not a fan of crime. It,however does not start genetically and in my mind evolves over time. Therefore because ai do not see babies,or children as criminals,I seek to look around me and observe who is not thriving. In this way I feel I could prevent the horrible reasons for crime. People who even have lifes of excess also become criminals and I am sympathetic to their alienation from the group well being as well. This is my attitude to stop crime. I am not attempting to intercept a robbery or shooting or chat with gansters on a daily basis. I believe all criminals were children and somewhere along the way their conditions made crime an option...so I attempt to search for weak links and do what I can. I find it complex and interesting. In a way I am just attempting to save myself because I had horrific events happen to me and barely retained my humanity. It was an extreme test of my ability to sacrifice my own needs to stay virtuous and several times I could have died. Because I am aware of these very trying conditions that would result in a complete loss of ones humanity. That is why I behave as I do . If you have not had these experience ever,my actions I believe would appear illogical. I have no way of convincing you what I experienced could be a cause for dong evil. All I can say is "he who feels it,knows it"
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          Dec 6 2013: well, c, would you be friends with someone you really didn't want to be friends with just to save them from drifting into committing crimes? They would become your "project"?

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