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A crowd-funding platform for Africans donated by "THE WORLD" by YOU.

A platform to help startups get donations, mentorship, picking various ideas from the various crowd-funding platforms but targeting Africans.
Since the government is so corrupt, the government of most African countries, this stifles the progress that may have been if a little more focus is placed towards funding ideas of young people. In Nigeria for example, the unemployment rate would probably (most likely) be far reduced.
I am a web developer, designer, and I have nursed this idea for over a year now I have some write-up on how this should work.

Ideas are welcome and possibly partnerships too as I hope to implement this in 2014.

  • Dec 27 2013: Hi David,

    Interested in learning more about your idea. What is the best way of connecting with you?
    Thank you.
    • Jan 1 2014: You can get in touch with me via this skype ID: dave.ola
  • Dec 7 2013: @Ken can you be a little more explanatory with respect to the idea in this conversation
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      Dec 8 2013: Government should not be relied upon to solve unemployment, govt regulates, govt does not create. Africa is the only one that can create for itself. No one else can. Startups come and go and only Africans know Africans. Ignore govt and go and teach anyone and everyone who will listen. Create the market and if it implodes then start again. If you want corporate interest then try partial ownership of state companies.

      Investment. The young are the keys to Africa's future prosperity, the young are different if they can be taught to dream beyond the tribe.

      How many African startups are there? There must be thousands. Where's the network? There must be millions upon millions of educated young Africans just waiting to jump.
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    Dec 7 2013: It's hard to adhere to ancient cultural system and embrace a capitalist system. Africa needs to educate Africa, then the people will make informed decisions for their countries rather than instinctively placing the politician in the Chiefs circle.

    My people are still trying to work through this.
  • Dec 5 2013: First, my idea doesn't mean or insinuate the World owes Africa. The world doesn't owe us. I could go on why I believe the world doesn't owe us but that is another subject.

    The idea is meant to be a way to ensure young and bright Africans do not give the excuse of "no money, no capital" and even give them more than just financial support. We cannot continue to blame our government.

    Crowd-funding platforms such as or have ways of ensuring only legit and actually workable products or ideas are funded. The platform I am proposing would have most of these features plus more, specifically to ensure projects funded are implemented, I will give a few examples.
    1. Referee's, Mentors and monitoring by volunteer real and certified individuals all over Africa e.g. imagine Fela Durotoye as a mentor for some of the startups, I believe we have people spread all over Africa who have in one way or the other shown interest in young startups and others who would be willing to volunteer as Mentors. You can also
    2. Meetups, these would be organised quarterly to exhibit achievements from the platforms.
    3. Team-building and Peering of Start-up Owners where necessary.
    I have presented these Idea to some critical minds like yours who asked similar questions and I believe there is no insurmountable obstacle to building a platform like this for Africa. As the platform grows, the objective would be to revolutionize with time, like you mentioned the societal thinking cuts down to the roots, and so we'll ensure that we try to influence that societal thinking positively.

    Its different because, the funds isn't meant to be just from international bodies or individuals, you may be surprised that most of the funds projects will receive MAY be from Africans. Crowd-funding is not about asking one person, but several people to come together and make a difference.

    I hope this suffices?
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    Dec 5 2013: You said of Africa governments: ".....the government is so corrupt, the government of most African countries"
    What would make your proposed idea different from the results of the multibillion dollar aid Africa ha recieved in the past?
    The corrupt govt officials are Africans too, and they are products of a particular societal thinking as the potential benefitiaries of the proposed crowd-finding site.

    I dont think the world owes Africa anything. I think Africans owe the world a loud voice against mediocrity and irresponsible leaders (or Pseudo-leaders).