Ric Tangherlini

Musician - guitar, mandolin, bass, Songwriter

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Every artist/musician/singer dedicate one of their songs and all its profits & give to the less fortunate. Now thats a song worth writing!

My name is Ric Tangherlini and I am a songwriter from the Brockton Ma area. I hope to one day fulfill my dream of writing a hit song and make lots and lots of money with it but not for ME or PERSONAL gain or EXPOSURE in anyway,shape or form, Take all the funds , every last dime from that song made and in someway be able to share it,give to people that really need a helping hand. Just to be able to make a difference , a positive difference to someone. I would love to see every artist/musician out there in the music industry, just take one of their songs and do that. Now thats a song worth writing!
With the billions of people out there how can someone help me start something!