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A Conversation on the TED Terms of Use.

I'd like to have an open conversation about the terms of use here on TED.

It's obvious to anyone here that has read them that they either aren't enforced or are no longer applicable.

WE NEED CLARIFICATION, but first a conversation to get the best and brightest ideas in here.

Welcome to the online TED.com community!

1.This website is provided as a public service to promote the spread of good ideas. It welcomes anyone willing to join us in this pursuit.
2.You are encouraged to view as many TED Talks as you wish for free, and to share what you learn with others both online and offline.
3.Anyone 13 and over can join TED.com by providing basic contact information (first and last name, email address, country of residence). Once registered, please feel free to set up a profile and join the community in rating and commenting on TED Talks, participating in conversations, translating TED Talks, or by getting involved in a local independently organized TEDx event.
4.By inviting you to participate in TED Talk comments and TED Conversations, we are seeking to build a mature online community centered around ideas that matter. Please be aware, when participating, that we will remove:
*content promoting pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, zealotry, proselytizing, *self-promotion, product-hawking, and new-age fluff
*content written in txtspeak, all-caps, or otherwise lazy grammar
*content posted by members using joke names or non-names
*disrespectful, distasteful, unconstructive, or illegal content
5.If you are under the age of 13, you may not create a TED.com account. You're welcome to watch TED Talks and enjoy the site, but you need to be at least 13 to create an account on TED.com.
6.If you act disrespectfully, disruptively or illegally on TED.com, we reserve the right to terminate your membership, at any time, and without prior warning."

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    Dec 10 2013: Jimmy, I am certainly not without blame. I have submitted conversations that were dear to me ... not really in line with the rules of TED. Most of the time TED sends me a "NO WAY" notice. However, I have seen the same topic posted another time ... I think that different people have the go ahead key and they do not use the same criteria.

    When TED reformatted they ask for reviews and recommendations. I ask them to make a name and a country a requirement .. as stated in rules #3 and 4 ... not long ago we had a person who had a number of sign on names and violated almost every rule ... he would just change names and have another go. There are ways of identifying these people. I ask TED to monitor for those specific abuses. By the way he is back under a new name but the same MO.

    I also ask for a box in the flag area for a brief explanation of why I flagged this reply, and for a direct line to contact TED to address grievances or to notify them of system issues ... such as the long term down time of the recent commenters box about 6 months ago.

    I have eaten crow many times for putting something out that was not factual ... I found out later. I do try to check sources but even creditable sources put out garbage .... still my bad. I use the National debit clock as a reference for all numbers ... straight from the government ... should be accurate .... however if you look at it it has two unemployment figures .... official unemployed and actual unemployed ... so I will be wrong to at least half of the readers while using the same source. LOL.

    You and I have both agreed and disagreed on many items as long time users of TED ... but always with respect and with regard to the rules. Thank you.

    As for grammar .... I would not hold this to rigid ... I only speak one language (sort of) and have great respect for those of other languages who use English to the best of their ability ... take this one easy.

    See Ya. Bob.
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      Dec 11 2013: Bob, your first paragraph!
      This is what humans feel most strongly about, unfair treatment, it sucks!

      Most sites today usually tracr IP to prevent this abuse of multiple accounts... sometimes i wonder what the T in TED stands for...

      I've also suggested this improvement, and I've seen others do it many times... TED Improvements is sadly something that I don't want to get into on TED.com... Lastly I tried "The Great TED Conversation" http://www.ted.com/conversations/18816/the_great_ted_conversation.html and that will be my last attempt at discussing those kinds of things on TED more thoroughly.

      I too have deserved censorship (under the terms, I'm for free speech) at times, so I fully understand.

      Grammer isn't my idea, I think it shouldn't be in the terms.

      Yeah, see ya Bob!

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