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Should we study Latin and Greek?

The smartest children in our country may choose to learn Greek and Latin at highschool. They learn to translate old texts from a dead language. In my opinion they could better spend their time learning languages which are more useful in life, in business, on holidays, etc.
These old texts have been translated already a thousand times. Agree? Or give me any arguments why spend time on these dead languages.


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  • Dec 16 2013: I get your point Steven, but:
    The time of the famous painters is long ago. In the meantime, every piece of Greek has been studied and translated. I prefer specialists for the translation.
    Should people study biology before getting a child? Should one study

    And more: at least in my language words are used from many more languages than Latin or Greek, e.g. German, Scandinavian, etc. It's impossible to study all the languages in order to better understand your own.

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