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Rural mail delivery with automated drones

Andreas Raptopoulos inspired the TED audience with an idea for drone delivery systems in rural Africa.

Could that idea replace USPS mail delivery in rural America?

How might that be implemented, what are the difficulties, and how might private industry help make that a practical reality?


Closing Statement from Bob Dohse

TED closed this Conversation prematurely. I set it up for 4 weeks, not 40 hours !!!

What happened, TED ???

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    Dec 3 2013: I think we can also considering using the upcoming self driving cars to deliver mails in rural places.
    • Dec 3 2013: motor bikes very small toy like cars etc. I like it.
    • Dec 3 2013: Bored rural teenagers. Try to engineer anything that can withstand that threat. This is why we need grownups actually handling the equipment, not dozens or hundreds of miles away.

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