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Rural mail delivery with automated drones

Andreas Raptopoulos inspired the TED audience with an idea for drone delivery systems in rural Africa.

Could that idea replace USPS mail delivery in rural America?

How might that be implemented, what are the difficulties, and how might private industry help make that a practical reality?


Closing Statement from Bob Dohse

TED closed this Conversation prematurely. I set it up for 4 weeks, not 40 hours !!!

What happened, TED ???

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    Dec 2 2013: Well on its way.
    Amazon just announced a new deliver service called prime air that uses drones that look like toy choppers.
    Pending changes in FAA regulation this vision could become reality by 2015.
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      Dec 2 2013: If Jeff Bezos thinks it can be profitable for Amazon, then there must be viability in the idea and the cost of operation must be relatively modest.
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        Dec 3 2013: Amazon CEO Bezos, is in my opinion a marketing genius. Just prior to Cyber Monday he shows up on 60 minutes and gets 15 minutes of air time during prime time to market Amazon ... period. It costs about $100,000 for a 30 second ad on the show and he got 15 minutes for free ... about 2 million bucks worth. Plus it was the headline on MSN news, AOL News, and Yahoo. The story made every local TV station, etc ... He said that delivery by drones could occur by 2015 ... I don't think so but who am I to say. Drones do not show up on radar ... that make for very dangerous local flying. My guess is that this needs a lot of work and at the soonest 2020 ... if ever ... my opinion.

        In the meantime Amazon is the word of the day and no need to pay for ads for a while. One heck of a marketing coup.

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