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what do you think about the family duty?

in modern China, many people go to cities far from their hometown for work, such as factory work, and leave their families behind. Most of them only go home once a year, during Spring Festival. Some villages in the countryside have no middle-aged people, only small children and their old grandparents. Why does this happen? Does it mean that traditional culture is now just a thing of the past? Or do people have some other duties that are more important? Or does a developed economy only make people more selfish? Or is it because of something else? What do you think?

Imagine: If you were married with a young child, and your parents were getting old, and if you were offered a good-paying job that was very far away, would you accept the job? Why or why not?


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    Dec 4 2013: Vivian, Go to any WalMart in the world and you will see kids and their grandparents ... not parents ... this is not new. I was surprised when grandparents started showing up for the parent teacher conferences and the boy scout meetings sans parents.

    One cause may be that there are more single parents due to divorce or unwed parents ...

    Some of this may be because of necessity and some due to selfishness. ... but it is occurring.

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