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Do we learn faster in cities? Learning is defined here as: Acquiring tested, practical knowledge or skill from human and non-human sources.

Learning Faster -- in Cities
Is this the subconscious reason why some people leap into cities without safety nets? It seems the provincials have now a valid reason for doing that. I am dubious of the piece and I think this is going to be a hot debate.
The title of my reference is: Why We Learn Faster in Cities Than We Could On Our Own

'O'Mara argues that we must understand the unique history and geography of places like Silicon Valley if we are to replicate these places as hubs of talent, jobs, capital, and institutions.

'In our 'flat' digital world, in which we can connect virtually with anybody we want, one could argue that the notion of an innovation hub is outdated.

'However, in today's lesson, innovation guru John Hagel explores the paradox that, despite the fact that technology infrastructure has made location unimportant, we’re becoming more urbanized at a more rapid rate than ever before...'


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    Dec 9 2013: I think the human brain hungers for collaboration. For communication, for community because of the stimulation that direct interaction provides. Sure, this same stimulation can happen in an online community as well. If we're talking specifically about cities, life moves faster in big cities... so it's reasonable to think that as our pace hastens to keep up with the speed and stimulation of an urban center and our mental processes may also be faster.
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      Dec 9 2013: Science definitely proves that the human brain
      since infancy, hungers for collaboration (contact) Lisa. Innayah
      mentioned homeschooling and I replied:
      As to homeschooling where ever the location, pupils will not learn
      fast because of isolation. We learn faster if there is interaction with others.

      Stimulation can not only happen in an online community. It could even become
      an illness that is called 'Internet Addiction'!

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