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Go along with the flow of a conversation rather than seeking to change it?

As the 'what is reality' (see link at end) conversation reached it's allotted time span, the issue of going with the flow rather than seeking to control it was put on the table and left Open. I see this topic to have global repercussions on multiple levels. Should citizens go with the flow or work to change what be happening? Should bystanders observe without intervening? At what point is one seeking to control what others do and at what point is one helping out by intervening? When ought one just let the flow flow and when ought one step in and guide it a bit? Are disruptors of a negative flow (who seek to put a stop to the bad stuff) the same as disruptors of a positive flow (who seek to derail and prevent positive changes)? How do we tell them apart? are there appropriate ways of judging? are there better ways to do stuff?

Putting this into the tedsters to see where it flows.

(http://www.ted.com/conversations/21159/what_is_reality_2.html )


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    • Dec 6 2013: Chris,

      Curiously I think you did not actually include me within the group of people who
      " ... fail to have the slightest concept of how others may perceive THEM and THEIR comments", thought I find myself belonging to such a category--- well for slightly different reasons than the ones you mentioned.

      It seems to me that most will go with the flow of a conversation until such time as the conversation begins to actually seriously challenge their beliefs and notions... many a defense mechanism will then be activated by their beliefs and notions to keep the others away ... or move themselves out of the other points or change the topic. Ideally one would work through the issue resolved it once and for all and move on to better things. What ends up happening in many occasions is that the conversation is terminated unilaterally with all sort of justifications for acting as some individuals choose to do.

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