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what are your opinions on the difficult situation of collage graduates to find an ideal job?

As you all know,due to the slow recovery of global recession and the students themselves in terms of their capabilities, the young adults appear to increasingly unlikely to find an ideal job. One the other hand,employers are undergoing lack of ideal staffs. What do you think is the cure to this problem?


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  • Dec 5 2013: An ideal job is not achieved through a college education alone. In fact, the college education is unnecessary if your ideal job doesn't require it. Some college graduates will find their ideal job quickly; this may be due to their own skills or to luck or to a combination of both. Others will find their ideal job later, after they have worked for a while at some less-than-ideal jobs. Some will create their ideal job rather than looking for it to be out there someplace waiting for them to find it (this may, in fact, be the only way to have an "ideal" job -- to make it yourself from the circumstances of your life whatever they are.).

    Personally, having retired a few years ago from a teaching career I had never imagined for myself, loved every day of, and eventually realized wasn't as much fun anymore; I would have to say that one's ideal job is not a fixed goal, but an ever-changing part of the process of one's life.

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