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what are your opinions on the difficult situation of collage graduates to find an ideal job?

As you all know,due to the slow recovery of global recession and the students themselves in terms of their capabilities, the young adults appear to increasingly unlikely to find an ideal job. One the other hand,employers are undergoing lack of ideal staffs. What do you think is the cure to this problem?


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    Dec 4 2013: George, I can only offer a opinion ... Economic models such as Keynesian that allow spending without budgets, regard to the GDP, or costs of big government and social programs that cannot be sustained. Political leadership that put party goals, personal gains, and ideologies above the country and its citizens.

    In the USA our leadership openly stated ... a quote from Nancy Pelosi Leader of the House of Representatives .... "Lets pass this Bill (Obamacare) now and read it later." Things that all parties drafting this Bill have known since 2008 are now coming to light and more hidden clause are expected ... This type of "NON" leadership is criminal and should be punished.

    Within Obamacare came the revision of the work week from 40 hours to 30 hours causing a push back from employers and loss of jobs and reduction of full time employment ... which among other things reduces tax income for the government.

    I stated all of the above to show why student graduates are facing a hard time ... small businesses going bankrupt from government interference, policies, regulations, and investment funding drying up. Big business such as banks, aircraft corporations, credit card companies, etc ... are laying off by the thousands. Those jobs will be replaced by contracted personal and part timer employees.

    Ideal job ... heck George ... I have three in college and ready to graduate ... I hope they can flip burgers ... it may be the best thing in town.

    Lets look at the ideal staff statement .... for years high turn overs in all companies large and small has been growing. Mcdonald's went from regular cash registers to one with pictures of the product on the keys ... ask for the manager at most places and you get a kid who has rings and pins all over his face and no idea of what is happening or how to resolve the issue. They are the idea employee ... cheap labor .. no insurance ... no perks.

    Just food for thought ... Bob.
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      Dec 5 2013: Robert,thanks for the insightful opinion. You offered a new perspective that I have ignored.

      I think this problem can only be solved through the efforts of all of us,not just government alone. Aside from the over-all economic circumstances,I would like to see the education system. If we sort of restructure our education system,put more substantial professional elements into it,pinpoint to what a job or career needs,offer the students work training before dumping them out to the workplace.
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        Dec 5 2013: Agreed ... I support a two tier system that allows high schools to have dual syllabus 1) College preparatory and 2) Manual trades and arts basically technical schools.

        I also support grades based on application or demonstration.

        I support a course map of all available subjects and class to be divided into individual modules where students could work at their speed and be passed to the next module by proving competency. This would allow student to progress academically while allowing for social development with their peers. A 12 year old may be doing college math, 10th year English, and biology 101 but sitting with another 12 year old in the learning center. Mentors could pair student for conversation pits, labs, projects, etc .... Grades would be last module found competent on.

        By doing this we would do away with making a 12 year old a freak at the local university where he has no peers for social development.

        A student could complete college in the local facility ... and be entered in advanced studies .. again at the local facility. If exchange pits, labs, and forms of interaction are used this could advance education and minimalize costs.

        Just a pet theory of mine ... I wish you well. Bob.
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          Dec 6 2013: That is a terrific theory. It brings me to deep consideration,it should be introduced to the public.I wonder how you come to this systemic invention?

          I would like to see if it is enforceable,let me offer my understandings of your theory. It requires a great increase of flexibility. It truly expand individual's interests,capacity,bringing,etc. Thus it broadens the gap between those who are fully motivated and eager to learn,and those who are slack and aimless. The question then is how we act to motivate all of them to strive in their own path,sufficiently dig in their potential,not the other way around.

          Also,it creates a difficulty of supervising the students,we could not assumed they all self-disciplined.

          But in this way,parents are more involved in the study of their kids,because the schedule can be vastly individualized, which means the number of teachers we are hiring is categorically short,parents are compelled to be more active both in guiding and supervising their kids to learn.

          Wonderful discuss with you,the theory is really worthy of further discussion.
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        Dec 6 2013: Thus it broadens the gap between those who are fully motivated and eager to learn,and those who are slack and aimless.

        I hope not .. I hoped for closing the gaps. While college bound students remain in learning centers and labs ... the trades and arts centers would be more hands on for nursing, cosmetology, engine repair, heavy equipment operation, business, welding, etc ... I feel like with some effort we can find a fit for almost everyone ... making school a enjoyable, productive, cost effective learning environment for everyone ... thus a better prepared graduate .. It would be foolish to think that there would be 100% happy students ... that just means I would work harder to resolve issues on a one on one basis.

        The question then is how we act to motivate all of them to strive in their own path,sufficiently dig in their potential,not the other way around.

        There would not be any in your face competition ... the computer would monitor all course maps ... a flag would come up when a student is out of balance (to much science .. not enough math) and make recommendation to regain balance. This would be monitored by mentors ... perhaps one for every 100 students. There should be benchmarks ... at age 12 Science module 27, Math module 32, Reading module 41 .... Most student will be ahead .. if not the mentor would examine the issue and seek a solution on a individual basis.

        The trick would be to make the modules interesting and challenging .. to engage the student. I would also suggest that all work and no play is not a good strategy ... have some deviation ... physical activities ... computer games at certain milestones ... Need a few days off ... no sweat nothing to make up and nothing missed ...

        Is it perfect .. no way. I do think it would gives us the bang for our bucks ... it is also a center where adults could use for continuing education ... lots of options.

        Thanks for the reply. Bob.
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      Dec 8 2013: How true and how sad that people would sink so low.

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