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What (if anything) should be done about gender inequality in media or films?

If you've been keeping up with this topic lately, you might have heard that some Swedish cinemas are instituting the Bechdel Test to measure how many women there are in talking roles, not about men, in their films. This is one example of a step taken towards equality in the movie industry, and towards recognizing the gender roles created through media, that are usually unfavorable to women. Only 18% of top movies in 2012 had a female protagonist. Women in movies rarely do anything important by themselves, and there is still the general notion that the greatest thing for a woman is marriage, and when it comes to action, the best she can be is a hardly active, supporting role. Of course, this could all go the other way, when we notice that violent masculinity is also a gender role greatly promoted for men, in addition to little films allowing males to truly express their feelings. Negative gender roles are promoted for both genders, although the lack of women is a grand statement.

On the other hand of this inequality is that films are in fact an art, and there is no reason why art should have to be constrained, and not allowed to reflect how the director sees the world. Maybe film inequality is just a reflection of the ideology of the society we live in.

What do you think? Should anything be done about the gender inequality demonstrated by film or other media? How?


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    Dec 4 2013: film is not real life,nor does it reflect real life when it attempts to recreate it...it always will have a bias...always..it is linear and like all linear events shows very limited perspective..so if one sees only men in movies ,or mostly men..that is done by choice,no accidents..and it is a direct patronizing of the classic world meme,started by men,empowered by them and propped up by numerous object that become fetish,and institutional....nothing natural about it..the rewards for men abandoning their mothers is the collective wealth and power to an all male cult is too great for most men to resist ,plus they are unable to see a con job...so in honour of TRUTH and JUSTICE for all mankind to liberate men from wooden soldier motifs, stereotypes and to welcome the marketplace to the visions of civilization that INCLUDES the females experience of life..film makers could change the world for better if they did not yield to the dehumanizing call to arms against including visions other then a world destined to implode minus his core humanity...feelings..not muscle
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      Dec 5 2013: I apologize if English isn't your native language- some of this is a little hard to understand. What do you mean by "con job" ? And "propped up by numerous object that become fetish,and institutional" ? Also, it would be easier to read if you used proper punctuation. You only need one period to end a sentence. Multiple periods or commas imply a continuation, so it feels like your text is one long sentence.
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        Dec 6 2013: yes I agree,but I am attempting to write quickly before the ideas evapourate,its not linear in its arrival in thought,so it would take endless drafts to refine and Id lose interest...if it was not a conversation...i would do it.but ...this is spoken thought,so it would require..ahem..a little ..hmm.emotion..so dont know how to reduce it to pure linear form...anyone is welcome to rewrite it if it makes more sense in that form,,,but while ..as for fetish and institions,or institutional fetishes,or fetish that represent an institution....lions,eagles,crowns,male deities,power motifs,sports items.....ideas and objects that support a world view that makes aggressive competative,ANAYLITICAL events supremely more real then the felt presence of experience, child rearing,nuturing and love...a complete bias one way..this robs men of recipricating on an original bond with their mother..who if isnt too damaged living within the forementioned meme...is loving and generous and would BE the role model for his emotion...The con job occurs as everyone trades in the empirical experience with emotion for the FETISH ideals of the marketplace...an event that is rapidly hurting almost everyone,even men..now..but you may not see it this way at all..but this is my experience and i have observed heavily suffering on many levels...so if your world is fine,,this post will not "feel" correct..My question would be then...if I can sense suffering,of others,is this not part of your observation?

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