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Self driving cars are coming: re-design a transport vehicle!

Extrapolating the idea of self driving cars: the reason for a cockpit has become obsolete, so you can have new kinds of cars: offices driving you from meeting to meeting, or dinner-cars that will make a scenic tour... or a sleep-car that brings you to your further destination.
And no need for Cab drivers anymore.

What are your ideas of how these cars can look like?


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    Dec 2 2013: But I like driving. I see a dark future where humans are only allowed to drive on special closed circuits as we are too unreliable to be allowed on public roads. Will anyone be interested in car racing when they start using self driving cars?
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      Dec 2 2013: Hi,I don't think people can't have car races that time. Just like we have modern transportations but we still can have horserace nowdays. Definitely the taxi industry will change a lot, I think.

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