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Self driving cars are coming: re-design a transport vehicle!

Extrapolating the idea of self driving cars: the reason for a cockpit has become obsolete, so you can have new kinds of cars: offices driving you from meeting to meeting, or dinner-cars that will make a scenic tour... or a sleep-car that brings you to your further destination.
And no need for Cab drivers anymore.

What are your ideas of how these cars can look like?


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  • Nov 30 2013: I would like one that is the about ten feet long and has circulating water in it so I can swim laps on the way to work so that by the time I get there I am clean, revitalized and exercised while listening to music or learning something new on my contact lens will have access to the internet except it won't be called the Internet anymore, it will be called Cop (Communication Of People). When I sign off, I will just say "Cop Out". Did I mention it would be solar powered with batteries strong enough to last all night so it could travel forever at no cost. It has no wheels but will hover and be submersible. Since it will look like a giant hot dog I will park it at the local Wienerschnitzel so it will be blend in with all the other hot dog vehicles or park it along side the road with a sign saying "Wienerschnitzel only two light years away" that way people will leave it alone thinking it is just a billboard.

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