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What do you plan for your New Years Resolutions, and how do you plan to make them become your reality in 2014?

While blogging recently on this topic, I came across a cartoon, of two dogs sitting side by side discussing New Years resolutions.
First Dog: What is a New Years Resolution?
Second Dog: Sort of like a TO DO list for the first week of January, next year!

New Years Resolutions are apparently held in quite low regard, yet they hold such promise. They are the plans we make for the coming year. I looked up the statistics for the success of New Years Resolutions and found that only 8% of people who set them succeed, 24% NEVER succeed, 49% make a start but fail when obstacles get in the way.

These are VERY similar statistics to regular goalsetting.

My question is, what do you do, to make yourself one of the 8% that succeed with their New Years Resolutions?

My strategy is this: I have regular goals set out, written and planned, all year, regardless of the date. However, towards the end of each month and especially at the end of the year, we have a review session where we look at our progress on the goals in play, and the goals we plan for the coming year. At that point, we decide on our priorities and where our focus should be for the coming year.

This becomes our New Years Resolution list. Perhaps not as sexy as the scroll of paper some folks bring out on New Years Eve to spill champagne on, but it works for us.

I guess a better name for New Years Resolutions would be "Next Years Plans, Goals and Dreams".

What do you think? I blogged about it here http://lifechange90.wordpress.com/, but it has only raised more questions!

Please tell me, how do you plan to make your New Years Resolutions become a reality for you in 2014?

Do you have a system, or a strategy in place already?

Do you have any ideas what your resolutions will be yet? If not, when do you write them?

The research I did for my blog only seemed to point to an area of global disaster, but the concept of renewal at such an auspicious time of year is so powerful! How can we make this work?


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    Dec 9 2013: Here is one approach with 2.3 million views: http://www.ted.com/talks/derek_sivers_keep_your_goals_to_yourself.html
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      Dec 9 2013: You know, I saw this talk a long time ago and even when the presentation is painful, I completely agree with the speaker. I have experienced that same feeling completness, which later translate to boredom, even when my goal is far from be complete and it all came from the social recognition of it. Thank you for point out this.
    • Dec 10 2013: Sorry Fritzie, but my experience is the opposite. I have to question the test used in the video too - the responses were about feelings, not actual results!

      My personal and professional experience is that if you share your goal with your TEAM, whilst working on a proper goal setting program, not just friends or casual acquaintances, you have an 85% chance of success, compared to a 3% chance of success if you just say nothing!

      That is my personal experience with hundreds of people, working with them over more than a decade...

      Interesting and entertaining video, but not relevant to field work on goals, where actual results can take months and years to consolidate. That's where I have been working... It's also how I will keep on working... It's so much more fun sharing your successes along the way with a committed team of people in a supportive environment...

      Thank you for the link to the video, it was most enlightening...

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