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Truth is Judgement.

Truth and judgement both share similarities. In fact, they are technically the same exact thing. Through definitions of both truth and judgement, truth is something that is in a state of being true or being accepted being true by society, and judgement is a proposition stating something believed or asserted by society. Though they both are formed by society, due to both being formed by theoritical and logical statements, ideas, and prospositions, they are both just opinions that have supportive evidence called "facts." We as humans were taught to believe that what is to be judged and what is to be true is made up of what people would consider as facts. These facts that have been made true, because whether many of us only agreed that the fact is true just to kill the topic, or many of us were to afraid to make a judgement, and challenge the fact. So the question is this; is truth the same thing as judgement, or is it all just an opinion based statement with just suported votes from society?

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    Dec 4 2013: A truth can only be a truth when it is true. Something being accepted by society doesn't have to be a truth. Just because everybody believes in X is no guarantee that X is true,
    Truth is absolute. Something is either true or not true.

    On the other hand, judgement is subjective and is the view of the one who judges. The judgement might or might not reflect a truth.
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      Dec 8 2013: Hi Harold....Remember me ? You certainly hit the nail on the head.on this, I think. What is debatable is whether we can know absolute truth. Peace
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        Dec 8 2013: Hi Helen, how is it going ? Sure I remember you ;-)
        There might indeed be cases of absolute truth that we will never know, although personally I hope that mankind eventually will be able to figure out everything.
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      Dec 23 2013: Change is true. Death is true. Birth is true.
      Truth is something you cannot cheat.
      Truth is a constant.
      Not negotiable.
      That is that.
  • Dec 29 2013: I do not see the connection at all. Truth can maybe appear as a judgement upon someone but truth is often not related to a societal judgement. For example let us just look at a very simple statement a farmer has a sheep and someone sells him another, he now has two sheep, ridiculously obvious and yet simply true. Not much to do with judgement here. Yes, there is a numbering system which has been accepted by all but this is hardly a judgement.
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    Dec 23 2013: You are so off the mark, I hope people will make a distinction between Truth and Judgement.
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    Dec 7 2013: "truth is something that is in a state of [...] being accepted being true by society"

    i don't think that this is true
  • Dec 7 2013: Truth is a perception in the brain; but we all know how our perceptions can be misperceived. Knowing the fallibility of our perceptions can we ever know absolute truth? Perhaps the best we can do as humans is to have an operational definition of "truth".
    But anyway: Truth is that which can use to reliably predict the future. 3+3 will always equal 6, gravity will always attract, an airfoil of proper design will always support flight etc. If what we "know" cannot reliably predict the future, the truth still evades us.
  • Dec 5 2013: It is still..........................The Truth.
    But at times the Truth,
    can be so ruthless,
    at times,
    it appears Truthless,
    but it is still the Truth.
    • Dec 6 2013: can you give me an example of a truth?
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        • Dec 8 2013: The rotation of the earth several billion years from now will have slowed down that a day will equal a year. Hence, the sun will not rise nor set. Of course most astronomers believe the earth will be destroyed by then also. In either case, the sun will not rise nor set.

          I realize we probably do not care.