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What's the difference between intelligence and imagination, and which is more useful in alleviating the human condition?

The difference between imagination and knowledge can be sharply defined. The difference between imagination and intelligence does not appear to be as easily delineated. One might say imagination is a subgroup of intelligence, but doesn't imagination often encompass the seemingly illogical? Or it might be said imagination is the catalyst for intellectual innovation, but isn't the imagined an interpolation of logical musing?

Albert Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." But what about intelligence and imagination?


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    Dec 10 2013: I agree that imagination is a must for us. I think of the cave man who imagined a god to explain phenomena he could otherwise understand. And definitely the chicken came first. lol
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      Dec 10 2013: " And definitely the chicken came first. lol" Wasn't the chicken born from the egg?
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          Dec 10 2013: Is my view on "what came first, the chicken or the egg" illogical?

          I'm guessing you don't "believe" in evolution?
        • Dec 11 2013: From where did the egg came ?
        • Dec 13 2013: The Point was obviously missed: A Chicken egg is an Ova (Nucleus surrounded by albumin or amniotic fluid) = Cell; with a hard shell added to protect from the external environment:

          1. The first simple/primaeval single cellular (Rather than, the later and more complex single cell of the Amoeba, which also reproduces by mitosis) Cell/Egg/Ova obviously also and "Unequivocally" reproduced by the same method of "Mitosis" as all cells still do today, within a greater group/tissue of cells: "That is Pretty Basic Biology".

          2. The Mother Cell which is the bearer of the daughter cell, produced by the process of mitosis does not require fertilization "That is Pretty Basic Biology".

          Finally!!! because belief is the laziest and easiest option, and refuge of and for an entirely closed mind. which is usually both impregnable and irreparable:

          Consider how unusual the Earth (Anagram of Heart), as viewed from Outer Space: It has a transparent atmosphere made up of of air, rather than transparent albumin or amniotic fluid; and it has a nucleus, which is driven be an electro-magnetic heart: And we call it a Biosphere, which is simply another term, that can be applied to an Egg/Ova

          Or The/Je Ova (Refer to www. for explanation of Green Language or Language of the Birds)
        • Dec 15 2013: No Chris Kelly; you did indeed miss the point because you dismissed it = thus proving the point.

          So sorry for upsetting you; I did not realise how important your super ego, and its close minded, sub cerebral vacuous opinions, are to the rest of us.

          They say that sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence, and the lowest form of wit; seems you missed out on both.

          As to your poor attempt at sarcasm/insulting me; sarcasm and insults have no harmful effect, as they only count when they are delivered by those close to me, or those I respect.

          And quite clearly you would never be able to reach the starting point, in that regard.

          Your ego is merely one ego, among more than seven billion souls on this planet; and of that number, this is one that you can neither physically or mentally bully

          Grow up.


          If your feel prone to, or you feel the need to crush the ego of another, in order to bolster you own ego, and self esteem;

          That is due to the weakness of your own character, not theirs.
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          Dec 15 2013: I think we have been through this before. My understanding of evolution......
          the first chicken that could breed with current chickens would have been born to some very chicken like birds that were just different enough from modern chickens that they could not interbreed.

          these proto chickens would have been egg laying creatures.

          in fact my understanding is all vertitbrates evolved from egg laying fish like creatures.

          my expertise is chemistry and materials so happy to defer to any evolutionary biologists or any more knowledgeable in this field than myself.
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          Dec 15 2013: According to evolution humans share a common ancestor with modern apes. Humans also reproduce via eggs, just we don't lay them.

          go back far enough and we share a common ancestor with chickens, same early vertebrate.

          Surely you acknowledge the similarities between humans, apes, mammals, vertebrates?

          are we not mammals,?

          do you have a better explanation than common descent?

          Once I learnt about evolution, it just seemed to make so much sense explaining the origin of species, the diversity and similarities, the tree of life. Amazing to think all DNA based life is connected.

          the origins of biology, from chemistry, the formation of self replicating molecules to cells to multi cellular life is less intuitive for me. But once we have DNA based life, seems easy to grasp how vertibrates evolved from a common vertibrste ancestor.
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        • Dec 11 2013: I agree with you that evolution is the obvious fact of nature.
      • Dec 11 2013: The cell is a nucleus, surrounded by endoplasm and ecttoplasm surrounded by a transparent membrane.

        A chicken egg is a cell nucleus, surrounded by transparent albumin/plasma, a translucent membrane and a hard shell.

        Therefore as life began when the first cell/egg, was formed in the primaeval oceans; unequivocally, the egg came before the chicken.
      • Dec 11 2013: I am curious to know that why and how the first cell created , who created it . And more specifically who imagined that when the chicken will come out of the egg then , it will have a brain,eyes,feathers,bones. Strange are the ways of nature.
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        Dec 11 2013: Chickens are not born, they are hatched..
    • Dec 11 2013: Amazing !! Yesterday night I was just thinking about who came first chicken or the egg in the context of this topic , and the same discussion is going.
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      Dec 11 2013: i have also had this thought about the cave people and deities.

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