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World Peace or Local Dreams Made Real? What can you do in your classroom, with your culture?

John Hunter's work is based on a set of principles for teaching. Very often, teachers ask how they can "get a copy" of the World Peace Game for their classrooms. Instead, Hunter often challenges teachers to look at creating something new, based on the principles of the game. Here they are:


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    Apr 20 2011: Thanks for sharing the info.
    I am from Guinea-Bissau, a small country with big problems.
    It would be very interesting to create a game to make our children think about our reality and how to make it better.

    I shall try.
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    Apr 21 2011: Teach kids how to know themselves. Once we all have our stick sorted, we might be able to make a move on real world peace.
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      Apr 25 2011: There are many ways to spark self learning in kids, by providing books, by speaking to them as a rational individuals. To let them draw, build, create! Thats when kids know themselves. And let them think about their own reality, and we will see them.
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    Apr 22 2011: Nothing is impossible.
  • Apr 21 2011: World Peace is impossible in current world.
    it is impossible when nations have war to each other.
    this is possible just in pure peace
    and peace is not possible among human
    while there is devil, so there is bad and good human
    this is possible just when you can change all humans to good human
    and this is impossible
    if possible then humans are not human and are animal
    animals live in peace and not have war
    so this is impossible
    this is world, this is life, this is human.
    you can not change life of world. you have not such power.
    this world is made in this situation knowingly and purposely and wittingly
    world should be so to good have meaning
    if there is peace then good has no meaning
    and if good can not be known then God can not be known
    God created all universe and sky and earth and nature for human needs.
    and created devil to say human do bad
    God did all these to human know God
    the goal of life is to:
    you know God
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    Apr 21 2011: The talk gives the impression that the countries in the game are built up from scratch each time the game runs. One of the biggest skills we need our kids to learn is how to see and think from other perspectives in addition to their own. In order to do that, and to make the game more realistic in one important way, we need to create versions of this or other games in which there is a political and economic philosophy decided for them when they step into the start of a game: traditional Eastern values versus Western, communism versus capitalism, etc. By finding points of agreement between them, and each learning to empathize with the other, we will be building a game with some teleology.