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What can we do to make people in this digital age more empathetic towards one another rather than apathetic?

I would like to see what you may think about how people react to one another now a days since technology has taken over our world in many great ways, yet serves to be disadvantageous when it comes to how people are interacting with one another aka more apathetically. What are your views on this and what do you think can be done to change this interaction before it becomes dangerous?


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    Nov 28 2013: More sitting still AND more walking:

    1.) a.-Something like zazen untangles the stress that pushes us to road rage and depression as well as the cognitive decline cause by being in a perpetual state of fight or flight.

    1.) b.-it helps us let go of desparate craving for material stuff, which drives us to work too hard and to see people as just another commodity that is there for our benefit.

    2.) Exercise also helps to release stress, improve positive chemical flow in the brain, and improve your sense of connectedness. Bonus points if you walk along a stream or through the woods.

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