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Can America achieve fiscal solvency in 50 years?

We need to get all Government employees into 401k programs and private insurance. Seek early retirement for those on pensions and Government health insurance. In the long run this change alone would save one hundred billion dollars/year.

You cannot isolate Obamacare from the rest of government; you must include all the players.

Anyone who shows up at an emergency room without insurance will be put in a data base; insurance agents will then contact them with a goal of getting them insured. If they refuse to get insurance, they will be penalized under Obamacare.

Put $10 billion into finding cures for the autism spectrum immediately.

Enact tort reform especially for OBGYN's; parents think they are entitled to "perfect" babies; they are not.

Have top software experts use Watson to “smell” tax cheats by writing computer code to insure everyone's tax return is audited every year. This will bring billions of dollars/year into the treasury. Reward agents who successfully spot exceptional tax payer abuse by giving them 1 % of the monies they recover.

Restrict food stamps to only healthy foods i.e. no processed foods and set aside aisles where all foods are allowed and aisles where all foods are prohibited. Punish those who trade or sell food stamps and grocers who sell prohibited foods. Provide free clinics on how to cook with acceptable ingredients.

Provide wellness bonuses. Your health should be measured thoroughly every five years including colonoscopies, stress tests, yearly physicals, mammograms, etc. If you and your doctor set goals for BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., and, after 5 years you achieve these goals, you will get a rebate on your health insurance for five years.

On a sliding scale increase withholding for Social Security and Medicare to make them solvent for at least 50 years.

Charge a blue ribbon panel of members of the private sector, especially economists, with the goal of how much of big government can be privatized.


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    Dec 2 2013: Yes but it will not make very many happy. Federal spending lists Medicare/medicaid, social security, defense/wars, income security, net interest on debits, and federal pensions as the largest budget items. Since social security and federal pensions are funds that are contributed to by the members themselves these are not as great of concern ... however, other than the military a 401K plan would be a great savings. The administration dips into both of these funds regularly to offset the pet project of the day ... if they were set aside and no administrative invasion allowed they would be self sufficient.

    The absolute worst management possible is the US Government ... if the administration of medicare and medicaid were contracted out great savings would be realized.

    In short the reduction of federal involvement in all phases except those given powers under the Constitution billions of dollars a day would be saved.

    Tie congressional and administrative salaries to the national debit ... last years budget being the source. Over budget percentage is the same amount you will lose in salary ... under budget that percentage is your raise. base salary is 100,000. All perks and incentives will be reviewed. all travel will be restricted to business. Returning to your state every fourth day is not business, your place of employment is DC ... want to travel pay for it ... you work for me and I have to pay for my travel. All laws apply to all citizens there is no elite ruling class (politicians). No more using AF One for campaigning ... that is a party function and your party will pay for travel, lodging, and security. The Presidents wife / family are not a elected officials and their travels on AF One will be in his company only ... you want a vacation pay for it WE the citizens do.

    Place national mandates on the presidential election ballot ...

    This could go on and on .... but you get the idea .. hold them responsible.

    Be well. Bob.

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