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What minimal manipulations can empower people?

Amy Cuddy presented power posing at Pop Tech and echoed the message she shared in her TED talk. Although Amy presented essentially the same content in both speeches, she concluded differently. At the end of the Pop Tech presentation, she asked, “What other minimal manipulations can empower people?”

Amy Cuddy found one manipulation which drastically affects our success and others’ perception of our character.

Are there other scientifically proven manipulations which empower people? In short, what minimal manipulations can people make – in 2 minutes or less – to live a more abundant, more successful, more fulfilling life?

If you don’t know if a manipulation is scientifically proven to empower others, what minimal manipulations do you believe would have the biggest impact on people's lives?

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    Nov 28 2013: One thing might be to work on your listening skills, you are frequently or constantly listening?
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    Nov 28 2013: Tony, did you want more time on this, click "edit" and add more, right now you have four hours.
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    Nov 27 2013: One of many talks which may give you some ideas in this area is Martin Selgman's on positive psychology. His specialty is finding research-supported ways of improving people's sense of fulfillment.