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We should teach kids how to learn. We should teach kids how to teach.When they can do both well they graduate. Just informing is not enough.

We spend to much time trying to get kids to understand and retain a core curriculum of information. We should be spending that time trying to create a love of learning.

Life long learner are far more successful and valuable to the world then those that believe they are done after their primary education. Am I wrong? Is there a reason why this is not our primary focus in the early ages?

I have my views on this, I want to know what the TED community thinks about it.


Closing Statement from Jeff L

It was great to see the insightful and dynamic conversation taking place on this subject. I am encourage to see that there is traction for the idea of teaching and learning by understanding what each means to us as individuals. The more educators we have the better our education. The easier to disseminate what techniques should be passed on and what techniques should not.

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  • Nov 27 2013: Let kids teach kids under watchful eyes of teachers and class room assistants. Kids age 6 can teach kids age 4. Age 8 kids can teach age 6; age 10 kids can teach the age 8 kids and so on up the grades to a point this is no longer practical. Teach kids hands on skills and give them the book work when older.

    Teaching is a lesson in patience. Learning this early could be a vital factor in balanced living, away from crime, and could teach compassion and sensitivity.

    Food for thought.

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