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Do you believe in Peace ? if yes than why?

I raise this question because if every one has belief in peace then why we are reading and listening news about murders of humans.......a big question mark in my mind..


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  • Mia M

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    Nov 30 2013: Lol why is peace "good"? I think it would be much better if people just acted in their own best interest all the time. Let their altruism be rooted in selfishness. U.S. rose to the best world power after two wars. WWII saved our butts from the Great Depression. Without abusing the Indians, Manifest Destiny would have never happened. Without slaves, pyramids or Great Wall of China could not be built. The means justify the end. If war is in our best interest in the long term, then by all means we should fight.
    • Dec 3 2013: People already act in their self-interest to the extent that all our actions are attempts to get our needs met. But this is a highly simplistic and flawed analysis of historical cause and effect, with the underlying assumption that what is, is good. We cannot look at the past and argue that if this or that thing had not happened hen everything else would be impossible. This continent could have been settled by Europeans without abusing the civilizations already here, the depression might have been resolved (or even prevented in the first place) without war, and the idea that slaves were necessary to build the pyramids or the Great Wall assumes both that other kinds of labor were impossible and that they need to exist. Change anything in the past and all we can say is that things would be different, but it is impossible to say how or to say whether things would be better or worse. What exists now was never inevitable; and it's existence is not an argument that it is good.

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