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Do you believe in Peace ? if yes than why?

I raise this question because if every one has belief in peace then why we are reading and listening news about murders of humans.......a big question mark in my mind..

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    Nov 26 2013: I see a lot of peace. When I see violence it reminds me we still have much work to do creating a world where peace can thrive everywhere. It also reminds me to make sure I am being as peaceful as I can be myself (somedays that is very difficult). Of course it would be better to be able to take some action against the violence reported but unless it is a war there is nothing one can do but fight the stress of seeing someone suffer. Someone who you can do nothing to help.

    I guess really your question is less about why it is on the news and more about why humans are still violent. I think there are many reasons fear, lack of resources, injustice, lack of compassion, inequality, our caveman DNA... It does seem odd though. Why do we still do this stuff? More importantly how can we stop! One idea I have been thinking about is the connection between violence and unstable self-worth. If to maintain our sense of self worth we have to be right, have a high flying job, get the best grades, win the most, have the most money or stuff then our sense of self is always going to be looking externally for validation. When validation cannot be achieved we act out in all sorts of negative ways. Maybe if we developed self-esteem based on some intrinsic value we would be less prone to violence.
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      Nov 26 2013: wow best explanation about PEACE and its causes
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      Nov 26 2013: Well said Morya and welcome to TED conversations!

      I absolutely believe in peace, and it has to start in each and every one of us as individuals. As you insightfully say Morya...."make sure I am being as peaceful as I can be myself..."

      If people could recognize our interconnectedness, it may decrease violence quite a bit. I believe that when we recognize our interconnectedness we do not have a desire to abuse or violate the rights of others.

      Himadullah.....you ask why believe in peace? I ask....why not? It seems much better than the alternative:>)
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        Nov 26 2013: Bcz I am working for promoting peace but no one is willing to support me to promote peace
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          Nov 26 2013: I strongly support you in your quest for peace Himadullah, and there seems to be quite a few other people on TED supporting peace as well:>)
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        Nov 26 2013: Thanks that will be great because Now I am tired enough to promote peace at grass root level
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          Nov 26 2013: What specifically are you working on? For example, are you working to build bridges between people who hate each other right where you live?

          I ask because sources of support will depend on the dimension of the problem that is your focus.

          As an example, there are groups in the United States that work specifically in neighborhoods with rival gangs.

          Have you seen these talks: http://www.ted.com/topics/peace ?
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        Nov 26 2013: Oh that's great I would like to meet all of them and will plan some grass root programs n will start from my own community and Country than will propagate towards whole world.
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        Nov 26 2013: Yes"Host" I am working on inner peace, and I refer Inner peace to build bridges between those how were taught/told by their ancestors against other neighbour that he is not good and this is going on since long now it should be changed I want to gather all of them at one place in shape of Peace Conference at one place, and gather different participants from around the world especially from all provinces of Pakistan.
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          Nov 26 2013: Let me be more specific. Are you doing anything on a small scale, larger than yourself but including people who are typically at odds?

          If you want people to gather and build a large bridge with you, I think you will have more interest in your project if you can first demonstrate a facility with building small bridges.
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        Nov 26 2013: Great I am doing on smaller level since long but now its time to engage more and more individuals to have a some great action of peace

        On other side peace haters are working very well because they don't even bather about funds or money they have everything to spread hate among humans
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    Nov 30 2013: I believe in peace. So does billions of sane and kind-hearted people on earth.
    But every belief will be tested. Most human beings would claim to be good, or to be lovers of good. There will be unfavourable or perilous circumtances that will test of beliefs.

    Situations and the opportunity to make choices usually reveals the difference between genuine lovers of peace and hypocrites.
    Yet, the fact that you go to war does not make you an enemy of peace.

    Sometimes you gotta fight to keep the peace.

    I believe in peace because it is the most fertile ground for prosperity.
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    Nov 27 2013: The line from Gandhi everyone quotes: “ You must be the change you want to see happen in the world”....because....if we are not the change, we will not produce the change. An angry generation will not bring peace to the world. Anger is not the path to peace. Only a staircase whose every step is made of peace will deliver us up to peace. Peace is the path to peace. We all have the capability for peace deep inside us….its our essence.…we are made of peace; every single one.
    A superb question from Himadullah Sohoo with outstanding related talks to hear (see "related Talks listed above)
  • Nov 27 2013: I dig your question....
    my 2 pennies...

    Belief in white, implies black
    Belief in up, implies down
    Belief in peace, implies violence
    We ARE peace
    We ARE violence
    Trees that grow to heaven
    Have roots that grow to hell

    The SEARCH for peace is the resistance of violence. What you resist, persists.
    Humanity must confront what IS.....Not what it WANTS to BE.

    We ARE violence. Recognizing that, followed my silence with NO thinking, allows things to change. Period.
    Great Night!
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    Gord G

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    Dec 2 2013: I do...because I can believe anything I want and I choose to believe in peace. I can only hope the rest of the world will eventually choose to believe in it too.
  • Mia M

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    Nov 30 2013: Lol why is peace "good"? I think it would be much better if people just acted in their own best interest all the time. Let their altruism be rooted in selfishness. U.S. rose to the best world power after two wars. WWII saved our butts from the Great Depression. Without abusing the Indians, Manifest Destiny would have never happened. Without slaves, pyramids or Great Wall of China could not be built. The means justify the end. If war is in our best interest in the long term, then by all means we should fight.
    • Dec 3 2013: People already act in their self-interest to the extent that all our actions are attempts to get our needs met. But this is a highly simplistic and flawed analysis of historical cause and effect, with the underlying assumption that what is, is good. We cannot look at the past and argue that if this or that thing had not happened hen everything else would be impossible. This continent could have been settled by Europeans without abusing the civilizations already here, the depression might have been resolved (or even prevented in the first place) without war, and the idea that slaves were necessary to build the pyramids or the Great Wall assumes both that other kinds of labor were impossible and that they need to exist. Change anything in the past and all we can say is that things would be different, but it is impossible to say how or to say whether things would be better or worse. What exists now was never inevitable; and it's existence is not an argument that it is good.
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    Nov 29 2013: No, I don't believe absolute peace of the world is available because of human's greed and vice. But I do believe in personal peace on mind. If we could realize a peaceful world one day, that would be good to see all counrties without any weapons or territorial disputes.
    • Dec 3 2013: yeah as Sigmund Freud said world without armies and boundaries and humans living peacefully.
      and it could be possible by removing mask of terrorism from vice faces.
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    Nov 28 2013: Dear Himadullah
    Best wishes for Pakistan.LOVE and PEACE.
  • Nov 28 2013: I do. Education or a lack thereof leads to a lack of understanding and can bring fear of the unknown. Where we are born and how we are brought up serves to set our belief foundation from a young age. Only when we have access to good education , usually later in life , can we start to form our own opinions and strive towards peace or war as a path for our own lives. That is if your open to unwinding the learning damage done from your early years.!!
  • Nov 28 2013: Or learn to appreciate the wisdom from all the religions which suits the current era and reject which does not fits in the current era.Or burn all the religious texts of the world and start afresh.

    And I hope this is never going to happen, and people will keep on killing each other till no body is left.

    I am a NON-Beliver,and if I ever come across God then I would screw Him up and hang him upside down in the scorching sun.But the tragedy is that God is hiding himself in an unknown planet after handing over his own God Particle to Peter Higgs.
  • Nov 28 2013: No,I don't want peace.But, I do want Harmony because I love Music. And harmony creates music.Peace is a negative thing.Peace only comes after death,after war,after noise.

    Peace has become the product in the hands of Religious clergy and Clever Foxes.There are so many religions in this world.Each religion is holding the small piece of peace ,screaming and shouting at the top of the voice and have made the world a fish market.

    The followers of one religion say that only our religious book is original because it has come from the sky directly from the God and rest all the religious books are written by human beings.Those who don't follow our religion are non-believers and peace can be established if we kill the non-believers.

    Now , the followers of the another religion comes into scene and say,Only our religious book contains the holy word of God because God himself has spoken it. And those who don't follow this book are non-believers and peace can only be established if we kill the non-believers.

    Now,both followers of each religion percieve each other as non-believers,engage in fight and in the end followers of both sides are killed no one is alive and peace is established.

    Are we trying to establish peace this way ? This is what is happening all over the world.Each trying to kill the other as non-believer.We are trying to establish lifeless peace not a peace with life.

    Peace with life can only be established through harmony. And harmony can only be established unless and until all the followers of each religion agree with each other that either all the religious books are written by God through the channel of human beings or all the religous books are written by human beings only.
    • Nov 28 2013: Google Scott Hagen and hit video. You'll see Under a Contract which is close to what you are talking about.
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    Nov 28 2013: Well, people can want peace in theory but in practice find that they have anger or callousness that leads to crime.

    Some people want peace but feel unable to achieve it, so they give up and turn to a life of crime.
  • Nov 27 2013: I think that peace is a concept. Peace is an idea. If you or me are alone in the wilderness, there is no such thing as peace. Peace is a construct between rational minds. Peace is the idea that people can agree to be cordial with one another in specific contexts. What if everybody just left everybody alone? What if people absolutely did not speak to or touch one another? Would that be peace? I don't think so because if one person harm another, it will set off a destructive chain reaction. I think peace MUST be negotiated, understood, and desired by all parties. That makes the acquisition of peace difficult, because the interest of the many outweigh that of the few. Those who are strong supporters of peace.
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    Nov 26 2013: Guys join me to promote peace at grass root level, or if any person is already working on peace we will work together. Because I wish this universe should be a peaceful place to live.
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    Nov 26 2013: i do. i see it everywhere although not on my TV.

    the mainstream media is rubbish - sensationalist newscasts (most of it is not really news at all, just reporting on ongoing grief) and advertisements to sell you junk.

    but between people, i see peace every day :)
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    Nov 26 2013: You're reading news about murder because it's news, and it's news because it's become rare.
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    Dec 6 2013: Really TED!? 46 comments and not a single one on "Peace one Day"... What the... Sometimes I'm chocked by the lack of quality content here on TED...

    Anyway, Jeremey Gilley had a Talk labeled "One Day of Peace" (it's also in the link Fritzie gave) http://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_gilley_one_day_of_peace.html

    Visit http://peaceoneday.org/ after you watch the Talk.

    Also, murder is not the opposite of peace and the reason we hear and read about it so much is because it sells, and it sells because we're proned to directing our attention against perceived threats.

    The number of armed conflict in the world is decreasing and so is the magnitude of those conflicts, the same goes for almost all crime rates... We're going in the right direction as a whole...

    Main tip, don't listen to media.
  • Dec 4 2013: I find this question to be either vague or too simple. Is the question, do I believe in the possibility of a peaceful utopian world? Or do I believe peace exists anywhere in the here & now?

    To the first, I say yes, but not in my life time... And I have doubts it will happen before we get snuffed out of existence. To the second, I can easily say peace exists. And I don't understand why it would be hard to comprehend a world where conflict and peace exist side by side?
  • Dec 3 2013: Sounded ridiculous, every human carrying whatever religious background or culture firstly believe in Humanity, and its above all, and as I advise all it should be valued.
    Sigmund Freud wrote in his book 'Reflections on war and death" that a day will come when humans realize humanity and live without armies and boundaries, peacefully and freely understanding that humanity is above all.
  • Dec 3 2013: I do not believe in peace, if by that you mean the end of all violence and all conflict. What I do believe possible is that humankind may someday learn to be what I call "Peace-Able." We can learn to live together in ways that minimize the use of violence as a strategy for resolving conflict; that encourage and support healthful, positive human interactions; that encourage and support ecologically sound relationships with the natural world. I believe that humans can learn to make personal and collective choices that lead to greater ability to embrace peaceful relationships.

    The first step is to begin a clearer cultural conversation about what "Peace" would actually look like, what it would require of us as individuals and societies, and how it could be developed and sustained. The second step would be for each of us to commit to becoming more Peace-Able in our daily lives.
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    Nov 30 2013: Because war is not a good alternative.
  • Nov 30 2013: I do believe in peace but I believe it must start with compromise. Today, there are too many demanding absolutes and will support only 1 way.
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    Nov 28 2013: Yes of course.That's the reason why we humans differ from other creatures.HUMANITY.I have faith in it,so do you.
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    Nov 27 2013: Himadullah, the question that comes to mind is this: is the human species meant to be peaceful ? I mean is it in our genes ?
    It's like saying my goal is that lions stop killing. Lions are carnivores. They are designed to hunt and kill. That's what they are and even with the best of efforts one couldn't make a lion a vegetarian pussy cat.
    The same is true for humans, if violence for some reason is in our genes, any effort of changing this might be futile.
    • Nov 27 2013: Humans kill because there is motivation to kill. It is not instinctual for us to murder or kill. When a shark smells blood, the blood lust inside takes over. We don't have that. The closest thing we have to that is fight or flight which is more defensive than offensive. I think some evidence of that is the difference between people with emotion, and people without (sociopaths and psychopaths)...The flawed one is the one that kills with no remorse. The normal one does not kill without emotional repercussion. I think we are innately social beings, and killing other beings that we would otherwise socialize with is maladaptive for our species.
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        Nov 27 2013: You are probably right, although I wouldn't limit it to killing but any form of violence.
        However, since violence between humans exist since the dawn of humanity, I can't but ask whether or not there is a genetic component to it.
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    Nov 26 2013: "when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." - William Gladstone 1809-1898
  • Nov 26 2013: Its nice where you can get it, though its always important to be prepared for when you can't. Thankfully, its much more common than it used to be.


    Not sure how I'm supposed to believe in it though. Why would a state where people aren't killing each other require faith?