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Do you believe in Peace ? if yes than why?

I raise this question because if every one has belief in peace then why we are reading and listening news about murders of humans.......a big question mark in my mind..


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  • Dec 3 2013: I do not believe in peace, if by that you mean the end of all violence and all conflict. What I do believe possible is that humankind may someday learn to be what I call "Peace-Able." We can learn to live together in ways that minimize the use of violence as a strategy for resolving conflict; that encourage and support healthful, positive human interactions; that encourage and support ecologically sound relationships with the natural world. I believe that humans can learn to make personal and collective choices that lead to greater ability to embrace peaceful relationships.

    The first step is to begin a clearer cultural conversation about what "Peace" would actually look like, what it would require of us as individuals and societies, and how it could be developed and sustained. The second step would be for each of us to commit to becoming more Peace-Able in our daily lives.

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