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How do different cultures treat heirlooms their history?

We as humans all have memories and we're all biologically programmed to respond to sight, sound, touch and so on. Heirlooms and trinkets play on these senses and allow a fantastic view into the past. How do different cultures and societies treat heirlooms?

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    Nov 27 2013: For most of the times,heirloom is considered to be certain stuff,"something old",this wedding tradition in the US first came to my mind.BUT it doesn't have to be materialistic(to some extent)all the time.I am emphasizing the value not the price of it.We have acupuncture in our culture,and it is more than so called the "method of stopping pain and curing disease".Add some new dimentions and you'll find a whole new world of the magic of accupuncture.There's concept of "qi" and "qi"originally came from the book LAOZI,which is also the writer's name.Then you are driven by your curiosity and started to discover and try to apprehend the Confucian philosophy in which shows the prefiguring of an idealistic society that saints have imagined.That's the time when you look back and say"oh,that's what is all about,SO MUCH!"
    • Nov 28 2013: Thank you, a lot of information there! Whats do you believe the future is of heirlooms when digital means of recording our history are being used more and more?
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    Nov 26 2013: maybe too well? it would be much more useful to actually remember the history as it was, and not lying about it. there are too much myths and lies surrounding those objects.
    • Nov 27 2013: Thats a very good point. If digital is technically more accurate because of how much data can be stored; people still lie, what do you recon the future is?
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        Nov 27 2013: i have absolutely no idea. i see no trend, so either things continue as is, or we face a sudden swing of the landslide, to mix metaphors badly.
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    • Nov 27 2013: Thank you, incredibly useful!
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    • Nov 27 2013: Do you recon you could expand on that? Its a fair point, I'd just like hear it in full.
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        • Nov 27 2013: Thats an incredibly fair and just argument. There could be many cases for things to be re-used, or recycled rather than stored.

          What about the small things, the little things we keep as momento's, that hold more memory and sentiment than a photograph?

          Thanks for replying.