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Can you see signs that humans are valuing equality, fairness and fulfilment more?

Seems that one of the root causes of our problems with diminishing world resources is our views on what it means to be successful and the things we value. For so long “marketing” has told people, in the west at least, that to be successful you have to drive the right kind of car, own a big house, have the latest gadgets. And we have believed them. Retail therapy has been a reliable quick fix for flagging self-esteem for as long as I can remember. Now that we are more and more connected globally and are seeing effects of inequality written large in the media, are we starting to re-think our values? Are we willing to give some thing up for a little more equality in the world? Are we more willing to take lower pay for a more meaningful job?

Have you seen signs that this is happening? If yes what are the signs and where?


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    Nov 27 2013: Agreed. Also the science of happiness meshes together perfectly with our need to see ourselves as a global community. Firstly because it shows us the personal benefits of helping others and secondly because mindfulness which correlates with happiness/well-being stimulates/grows the part of our brains concerned with empathy and connection with others. It's all very exciting!
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      Nov 27 2013: I agree that it is very exciting Morya, and the more we recognize our interconnectedness, the more exciting it becomes! It is the illusion that we are separate from each other that causes much of the distress in our world. When we recognize that we are connected in many ways, it just FEELS GREAT.....which in my humble perception, contributes to happiness:>)
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        Nov 27 2013: It sure does my week was much less fun til I started talking to you. :)

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