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What living artist would you love to collaborate with?

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Papercutter Béatrice Coron this year. It was a fantastic experience and extremely fulfilling to re-imagine paper into a 3D film. What artists have you met at TED or seen on TEDTalks that you would love to collaborate with? Why? What would you do with their vision?

Do it. I highly recommend it.

See the TEDblog post here:

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    Nov 26 2013: What a great question, James! I love Beatrice Coron's work as well.

    Putting aside the fact that I do not have the skills for artistic collaboration with any of these artists, and imagining that I did, I would love to collaborate with any of Isabelle Allende, Janet Echelman, Shekhar Kapur, or Stefan Sagmeister.

    I did have an opportunity to work on a mural last year created and orchestrated by Sandra Cinto. If I could lend some hands to a ceramics project of Patti Warashina's, I would be completely thrilled.
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    Nov 28 2013: 1.Sarah Kay. Definitely Sarah Kay (spoken word performer with a great TED Talk).

    2.Any of those amazing people who create artists' conceptions of space objects and star systems.
  • Dec 21 2013: I scrolled thru all the artist TED talks, and there was not a single glass artist among them! I'm a glass beadmaker of some 30 years experience, and would love to demonstrate my art on the TED stage!
    My work is in museums around the world, and has been published in all the related magazines, including Bead and Button and Lapidary Journal.
    Self promotion aside, I'd love to work with Lino Tagliapietra. He is an amazing glass artist from the island of Murano in Italy. His work is always graceful, never forced. I envision a collaboration whereby my knowledge of incorporating metal, gold, silver and copper, among others, and his incredible technical and artistic skills would be combined, then presented on the stage as a video of the process.
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    Dec 11 2013: vocalist, song writer and performer Beyonce. I would love to offer her a sample of one of my beats.
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    Gord G

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    Dec 2 2013: One with funding. ;-)
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    Dec 22 2013: I would love to collaborate with Zsuzsa Mathe - Sedah. Her painting artwork is true poetry to me. Through mixing intentionally styles and techniques she created what she calls transrealism some 30 years ago that is truly inspiring to me.
  • Dec 19 2013: Aaron Sorkin. Always wanted to be part of a writing team
  • Dec 9 2013: Photographer Edward Burtynsky gave at least three amazing TED talks, including his acceptance speech for the TED Prize in 2005. I'm currently a student photographer, and until I started to study, had no idea a) what I wanted to do with my photography, and b) had no idea who Edward Burtynsky was. Since beginning my studies, I've changed this position. I know that I want to follow the same path as Mr. Burtynsky; and document the changing landscape and bear witness to the scars that man has left behind when abandoning places that no longer serve his insatiable needs. I've been forever changed and inspired by Mr. Burtynsky, and collaborating with him would be a dream come true.
  • Dec 9 2013: Actress Thandie Newton had a wonderful talk in 2011 called "Embracing otherness,embracing myself". I think today's youth could really benefit from the powerful message in this inspirational talk. I would love to plan a world tour of different schools and spread this message to children who struggle with their own identity and have trouble fitting in to their social surroundings.Perhaps collaborating on a self-help book and exploring this area in more detail, we could also reach the adult population and even more children as well. Golda Meir said "Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement". Thank you James, for a stimulating conversation, this is great motivation for all to pursue our own fulfilling experiences.
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    Dec 9 2013: What a great list of artists. Thank you everyone for your conversation.

    Have a look at the list below of artists we have suggested so far. Collaboration is a wonderful experience and my with Béatrice Coron could not have been more satisfying. The list below is a wonderful wide rage of media and art forms. Please add a link to your vote for their most powerful work and elaborate on your suggestion. What work of your chosen collaborator has most influenced you and how would you re-imagine it?

    Artists we dream of collaborating with:

    Isabelle Allende
    Janet Echelman
    Shekhar Kapur
    Stefan Sagmeister
    Sarah Kay
    Nakano Koichi
    Jane McGonigal
    Julie Taymor
    Béatrice Coron
    Brene Brown
    Neil Young
    Ray Davies
    Marina Abromovic
    Elon Musk
    Romeo Santos
    Arvo Pärt
    Alexa Meade
    Alex Grey
    Peter Fankhauser
    David Macaulay
    Kat Haber
    Russel Brand
    Amy Purdy
    Charles Wright
    Taryn Simon
    David Gilmour
    John Wolseley
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      Dec 19 2013: Delighted to see Brene Brown on that list. I only discovered her through TED, and it's been one of the highlights of discovering the joys of TED. Listening to her I feel like she's taken the thoughts have been floating around in my head for years and consolidated them in a coherent form. Even better, this has given me a platform from which to develop my insights further. I don't know about collaborating with her, I'd be pretty happy to just sit down and just talk with her for a couple of hours!
  • Dec 9 2013: I would like to collaborate with the Australian artist John Wolseley because he manages to capture the essence of the Australian landscape in an abstract way coupled with exquisite drawings of living species.. Also occasionally there is a wonderful sense of humour there.
  • Dec 8 2013: Very interesting question and to limit to only one person makes this far more difficult to choose from than I would have imagined. However I believe I would decided to work with David Gilmour the great guitarist from Pink Floyd, his talent has surpassed so many and I would be more than honored to have even met him let alone work with him.
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    Dec 8 2013: An intriguing artist to me us Taryn Simon. She has presented at TED on two occasions and her work is highly unusual and complex.

  • Dec 6 2013: Charles Wright, American poet. OMG, the fact that a soul like CW is breathing on this planet gives me peace. How I would like to collaborate with him would be entirely up to him.
  • Dec 6 2013: Well ! I like your question dear friend . I have watched plenty of videos about TED talks and each speaker inspired me in his/her own way , but the best speaker that really changed my life and I am grateful to HER is AMY PURDY . I don't know if you know her or not but she made a change in lot of people's lives and I am one of them.If I have a wish , I would like to work with her and collaborate together on a project regarding people who have got a physical disability or a handicap since Amy Purdy had a tragedy in her life and she lost both of her legs . Nevertheless , she accomplished lot of things as well realised more than one objective that's the reason why she brought brightness on my life and I am really blessed to know her through internet . Hope it will come a day to meet her .

    Thank you for your interesting question !
  • Dec 6 2013: Russel Brand.
  • Dec 5 2013: Wouaw, hard question. There are so many interesting people at ted talks … But I think that if I had the choice, and if I could, I would love to work with Jane McGonical, who is a game designer. I think she is brilliant. She seems very imaginative (we just have to see how she turned her life into a game and created “superbetter”). And what is amazing is that her game, superbetter, helped a lot of people all around the world to feel better and challenges diseases for example.
    Moreover, she has a way to talk that makes you want to listen and join what she is talking about. I have seen her two videos about video games and now, thanks to her, I’m sure, video games are good for health !
  • Dec 5 2013: Well there are so many good choices but if I had to choose it would be Kat Haber. She is living life to the fullest and has done so much for TED and the world of nature. If I were to give her a new title it would be Mother Nature.
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    Dec 5 2013: Questions like this are always great because it makes us think and respond on a personal level; there is no wrong answer in that sense.
    My first reaction is to name one of the many fine photographers that have graced the TED stage. However....
    Dave Macaulay's TEDTalk, which is about drawing, is a talk that is not going to seem life-changing, are world altering. But for me, it told a story of a journey that I would like to take. It reminded me a bit of a drawing class I took in college.
    Having the time to sit and draw in a great city like Rome is something I would really enjoy at this point in my life.

    "David Macaulay's exploratory renderings of architectural marvels throughout history have captivated children and adults alike. With crystal clear drawings and insightful text, Macaulay takes his readers inside these structures, illuminating not just the engineering prowess of the builders, but also their daily lives -- from the rulers and engineers down to the peasants hauling the bricks."


    (I might have to answer this question more than once)
  • Dec 4 2013: I'm sorry but my choice is not in this list that you recommend. If it were possible, I would like to work with Peter Fankhauser or one student who created Ballbot, the robot which Peter made the presentation. Because I am a mechatronics student and it’s so interesting to see and understand how we create a robot. I think we all imagine the complexity at this system but we are still far from reality.
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    Dec 4 2013: Alexa Meade or Alex Grey. Meade would be extremely fun to work with, I'd really enjoy being a part of her art. It's so avant garde, I love the way she thinks.
    Alex Grey has long been my favorite artist. On a level of philosophy, what he's discussed in his books is equally as powerful as his artwork, both of which are extremely moving to me. His philosophy of art is right in sync with my own approach to my music and writing. With such profound common ground, it is very intriguing to see what would happen if we blended ideas.
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    Dec 2 2013: To dream of music with Arvo Pärt.
  • Dec 2 2013: I'd so love to work with Marina Abromovic. Her courage and deep commitment to exploring varied facets of life is inspiring. She opens us to intimacy, and through her own 'metabolic' processes we get another chance or glimpse of the things we miss. Did anyone experience her "the artist is present' exhibition, or see the film? Highly recommended if you are interested in being Present, and inevitably, in intimacy with the world. Very powerful.
  • Dec 1 2013: i´d like to meet Romeo Santos, i´m a guitarist and i like his music. And make a film with him
  • Dec 1 2013: I would love to meet and collaborate Elon Musk the American business magnate, investor, and inventor. He is currently the CEO & CTO of SpaceX and CEO & Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors. I find him brilliant and confident, with little ego. His common sense and love for the human race is admirable.
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    Dec 1 2013: Neil Young or Ray Davies. It would be worth more than gold to sit in on one of their song-writing sessions, just to see how they do it.
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    Dec 1 2013: I would love to collaborate with Brene Brown.
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    Nov 30 2013: Hi James,
    Thank you for a super cool question/idea!!
    Julie Taymor and Béatrice Coron 's stories and work are amazing. I would love to work with Julie Taymor, Coron and also with Jane McGonigal on creating games like "super better". She is intriguing because she does what I have never done and I could contribute some of the hundreds of good new ideas and stories that are born in my head every day and she could make them useful. I enjoy producing a diverse range of creative and visual arts projects and writing stories.
  • Nov 29 2013: I have always loved lacquerware, so having no ability in the area, I would love to work with Nakano Koichi through the entire process, including and especially making of the lacquers used.