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What living artist would you love to collaborate with?

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Papercutter Béatrice Coron this year. It was a fantastic experience and extremely fulfilling to re-imagine paper into a 3D film. What artists have you met at TED or seen on TEDTalks that you would love to collaborate with? Why? What would you do with their vision?

Do it. I highly recommend it.

See the TEDblog post here:


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    Dec 4 2013: Alexa Meade or Alex Grey. Meade would be extremely fun to work with, I'd really enjoy being a part of her art. It's so avant garde, I love the way she thinks.
    Alex Grey has long been my favorite artist. On a level of philosophy, what he's discussed in his books is equally as powerful as his artwork, both of which are extremely moving to me. His philosophy of art is right in sync with my own approach to my music and writing. With such profound common ground, it is very intriguing to see what would happen if we blended ideas.

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