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1 in 10 US children has ADHD says the CDC

When I read this headline that 1 in 10 has ADHD in MSN Healthy Living on 11-25-13 I immediately thought of Ali Carr-Chellman and her talk : Gaming to re-engage boys in learning. If you are a boy you are 10 times more likely to be diagnosed as ADHD and even higher if you are poor or black.

Why would this be true? Do we really have that extreme of a problem? Has the education system contributed to this issue? If your child is diagnosed and takes the popular meds for ADHD ... Ritalin or Concerta .. are there consequences later in life like elimination of jobs or careers.

Granted there are always extreme issues that need meds ... but not all. Should we be looking for alternatives ... what are some alternatives?

Teachers ... parents ... adults previously diagnosed with ADHD chime in.


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    Dec 4 2013: when watching a program about ADHD two statements stood out the most:

    1)from the founders of the diagnosis... ADHD is a bogus symptom or syndrome
    2)parents who do have time or cannot handle their kids, their children are normally diagnosed with ADHD

    active children need to kept engaged in activities that allow interaction with other children. looking at the schooling system and how it has change is very important. most schools are geared towards academia rather than balance with technical and creative needs....

    on a global scale many undeveloped countries are "discovering children with ADHD"???? just to pump them full of drugs...
    it truly a sad state of affairs when technical jargon and bullshit leaves the parent helpless in trying to help their children...

    psychology and psychiatry needs to be re-evaluated with regards to what is true terminology (an actual symptom or syndrome) or just bogus terminology to get their name published in journals...
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      Dec 4 2013: Interesting .... what was the program ... I would like to watch that one.

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