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Advertising is not the best campaigning tool. How can you second that statement?

I wanted to ask TED community this question because I'm student and I'll be taking part in debate soon and this is my thesis. Unfortunately I didn't find so much information to advocate it.

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    Dec 1 2013: There is a thin line between information and propaganda. Lies, exaggerations and misrepresentation of facts about a product are a 'no no'.

    But even truth and facts have to be well presented. Adverts that present truths about the quality of the product and does not fan the flames of false impression; are good.
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    Nov 26 2013: So much of the campaigning we see is hollow. It is a fake veneer, engineered by spin doctors.

    There is often a huge gap between what is presented to us and the actual reality. It's a huge part of why voters have switched off and don't care any more.

    Also, we are 3 generations deep in TV and a lot of people are wise to the PR tricks and spin doctoring that goes on. These people are not encouraged by slick promos. I think they are, in fact, suspicious and wary of such techniques.

    Of course, a lot of people are still willing to trust what they see as being real and buy into the beautiful lies.
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    Nov 26 2013: For campaign nothing is best in all situation foro all products or service. Say in some instances " word of mouth" can be the mosto appropriate, in other cases "publicity" fits best. In some cases endorsement of Key Experts works best, in other cases " personal selling" is the best campaign. Last not leas discounting, bonos offer etc also can create huge hype. it depends on múltiple factors.
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    Nov 26 2013: maybe you should look into viral marketing. also "free advertising" you can get by doing something newspapers pick up as a story. common characteristic: you don't pay the cost of distributing your message.
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    Nov 26 2013: You might want to do a search in Google Scholar. Combinations of words like "comparative campaign strategies" might get you some useful sources.
    • Nov 26 2013: Thanks, but I did this. I also used Factiva for researching some articles and nothing relevant came up... I used many keywords but there's nothing to support it.
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        Nov 26 2013: Are you speaking of any particular kind of advertising or of all advertising via all media- television, print media, social network communications, and so forth?

        Which tools other than these are most common where you live?
        • Nov 26 2013: I guess it's about advertising via all media. I live in London and I have to take in consideration all tools possible in the UK...
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        Nov 26 2013: I have not read this, as it just appeared today, but maybe you can find a way to adapt this to your purpose:

        Another thing you could look up- Seattle, a medium-sized city in the US that is the home of Amazon and of the Gates Foundation, just saw a socialist woman, named Sawant, elected to the City Council, unseating a long-time incumbent. She accepted no money from anyone, running a campaign on the basis of volunteers. She clamored for media attention, actually, but was not successful in getting it. So you could look that up if you are thinking about city offices.