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What architectural program does a forgotten street in the capital need in order to come back to life again?

As an architecture masters student, I chose the field of arts to be the subject of my diploma project. I want to conceive a project that would work as a platform that connects the artists and the art-lovers, a focal point for perpetual interaction between local as well as international artists and the public. That would give birth to a cross-cultural artistic dialogue.
I chose Rue Monot, a sort of forgotten street with value in the capital Beirut. Small empty pieces of land (With an average area of 600m2 for each) are available on both sides of the street along with a 3000m2 land (Relatively big).
My proposition: A hub and a network that pivot around it.
The hub will obviously be conceived in the bigger land and other less important functions will form the "network" and take place in the small lands.
The concept of the hub and network would transform the forgotten street into a live public pedestrian space for exchange and interaction.
------>The network:
- Art galleries
- Workshops
- Retail
- Dorms for international artists
- Spaces for performing arts
- Mediatheque
------>The hub: That is the part where I need your ideas and opinions the most.
I propose conceiving a Museum of contemporary arts since Lebanon in general lacks such spaces. That would be the center of my project. The other functions would pivot around it.
I want you guys to hit me up with your suggestions and comments as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!


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    Nov 28 2013: I think you have the cultural side pretty much covered ;).
    I try get you in touch with a friend of mine. He told me about an area in Beirut where he/his family owns a factory that went out of use a long time ago, and is seriously thinking about building a cultural/arts center. How he explained me it might even be exactly that area! I sent him the link to this conversation, hope he contacts you and something comes out!

    A thought I have is inspired by this talk:


    it's not so much about culture as it is about cultivating. But at the same time an essential part of urban development i think?

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      Dec 1 2013: Mike it will be really great if your friend contacts me. However, I have a feeling that his factory is located in another area since Rue Monot is factory-free. Either way, hearing about his plans would be amazing.
      The talk you shared is really inspiring but I need an architectural program since I am an architecture student. Also, South L.A is a whole different case.
      Thank you anyway! :)

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