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microwave and electromagnetic waves around us in daily life contains little energy,but if we add them up,can we get super energy?

I saw a video which described that when corns surrounded by 3 ringing cellphones, they became popcorn in a flash.So ,i get an idea, when we use the microwave or electromagnetic waves ,adding them up at the same spectrum ,can we get some surprise?

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    Nov 27 2013: lol, imagine in a busy place (like the stock exchange at Wall street) where more than 3 cell phones ring at the same time. Not only corn would pop but also heads.
    I'm afraid you fell victim to a hoax my friend.
  • Nov 25 2013: Said video was fake, a cellphone's battery using all its output (only a fraction of which is used for a call) doesn't have even a hundreth of the wattage of a microwave. Its also not operating at the correct frequency to heat up water efficiently if I'm not mistaking.

    As for the general concept, the energy density of the background radiation is just too low. You'd need an antenna the size of a small apartment to power a wrist watch.
    • Nov 26 2013: I get it,thanks. But I have another question:for the general concept, sunlight can't ignite papers,but if we use a magnifier ,when the light focus on one point,papers are easily lighted. Can I consider that the sunlight waves are added up.(Is that just simple plus?)
      • Nov 26 2013: They're not exactly waves, they're particles called photons that behave in many ways like waves. Though yes, you are focusing more of them in a smaller surface.
        • Nov 27 2013: think you! You make me clear~