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How many languages should we learn in bussiness? which one we must have to learn?

In Asia every students are forced to learn english.But I think that's not really inspire for us .If you really insteresting for any languages you will study it by yourself instead of forcing.
Every teachers,parents,bosses told us that we have to speak as more as different languages but in this world have too much languages.
Beside english which language is the most people speaking?
And second?


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  • Dec 4 2013: Think of it as a personal investment - I can speak 3 languages (Italian, English and Swedish) - each of these language has brought something unique to me, a unique way to see things, to name things - a completely different mindset that helped me see some things from different perspectives, and -I don't mean to sound rude but - In many cases knowing more languages led me ahead of some people, in life and at work.

    Don't only consider learning a language as a duty or a necessity to become a part of the professional/ business world - learning a new language will truly give you more control over so many things: the quality of the information and culture you can access, your potential to reach new people and new opportunities...

    I know it's hard to get inspired to do something you feel forced too, but you can always find a angle to get into it :-)

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