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How many languages should we learn in bussiness? which one we must have to learn?

In Asia every students are forced to learn english.But I think that's not really inspire for us .If you really insteresting for any languages you will study it by yourself instead of forcing.
Every teachers,parents,bosses told us that we have to speak as more as different languages but in this world have too much languages.
Beside english which language is the most people speaking?
And second?


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  • Dec 3 2013: Languages are learned best when you are young. But children of, let's say 10, are mostly not interested by themselves in a different language. In my opinion it is therefore important to start early with the most important languages. In my case it is English. Lateron children cna decide what other languages they want to learn. Task of the school is to let them understand that it's fun and has sense to learn them. Forcing is always a bad idea.

    The best way to show the importance is to organize opportunities where schoolkids meet others abroad. E.g. an exchange in a neighbour country and stay for some days in a family. Cheaper solution: organize a meetup with kids from abroad with Skype.

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