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How many languages should we learn in bussiness? which one we must have to learn?

In Asia every students are forced to learn english.But I think that's not really inspire for us .If you really insteresting for any languages you will study it by yourself instead of forcing.
Every teachers,parents,bosses told us that we have to speak as more as different languages but in this world have too much languages.
Beside english which language is the most people speaking?
And second?


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    Nov 28 2013: To be poliglot is amazing interesting, but strongly hard too.

    Thinking in business, exclusivelly, one good strategy could be look the World`s map.
    America: North english and French
    Latin: Spanish and portuguese to Brasil
    Europe: Ok, it`s a mix, but english and french, probably will help you in most of cases.
    in Africa, again mix, with english, french, spanish and portuguese, in the top.
    Asia: Russian, arabic will target the gratest numbers of contries.

    Sure, there are very important markets in Germany, Japan, India and China and others.
    But, in that countries, people studies another languages too
    and more, imaging the technological possibilites, in a near future, we could have real time translators.

    Then, my conclusion is, better the know several langues, is to know some, in have high level.
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      Dec 1 2013: Most of Northern Africa speaks Arabic, whereas the rest of Africa speaks either French, English or Portuguese (of course many other local languages and creoles) not really Spanish...

      In Europe, basically everybody under 30 can communicate in English, although many people also study and work in French, Spanish or Russian.

      In the big Asian continent, you still have too many different countries and too many different languages, which makes it really hard to propose just a small list of languages...
      But if I dare to, based on population, soft-power and size of land, I believe Mandarin, Russian, Arabic & English will dominate a lot of the continent's universities and businesses in the next decades.

      Americas: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French
      Africa: Arabic, French, English, Portuguese
      Europe: English, French, Spanish, Russian
      Asia: Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, English
      Oceania: English

      - English as the ''global language''
      - Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian & Mandarin as major ''continental languages''

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