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How many languages should we learn in bussiness? which one we must have to learn?

In Asia every students are forced to learn english.But I think that's not really inspire for us .If you really insteresting for any languages you will study it by yourself instead of forcing.
Every teachers,parents,bosses told us that we have to speak as more as different languages but in this world have too much languages.
Beside english which language is the most people speaking?
And second?


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    Nov 26 2013: Let me give you my ''western perspective''

    Every ''era'' had a dominant language.

    For example, in Europe during the Roman Empire, the most powerful and influential language was Latin, which united European land under one crown. People back then thought Latin was going to dominate the continent forever, but with time passing by, new dialects started developing, some of which we now call Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French or Romanian.

    Then, when the French, Portuguese and Spanish Empires started exploring the Americas and Africa, they started to impose their own languages onto new lands, which we now call Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Senegal or Angola. People thought these three languages were going to dominate the western world forever.

    Then however came the British Empire and managed to reach all continents, making it the first truly global empire in the world. People started learning english in North America, in many parts of Africa, in India, in Australia and small parts of East Asia and international business and trading was being made more and more in English.

    Basically, from a business point-of-view, English has quickly evolved into the world's most important tool for communication, thanks to these 3 stages:

    stage 1: the british empire (presence in all continents)
    stage 2: the american rise in the 20th century
    stage 3: the internet

    My short answer to you is: If you 'need' to learn one (and only one) foreign language, you should definitely learn today's global language, which is English.

    However, history was shown us, that every powerful language will eventually fall, either break into different languages or dethroned by another global power.

    On an educational level, I believe it's inspiring to learn as many languages as you can, because you not only learn the language and practice your brain, but also learn about different cultures, which motivates you to travel around the world more

    Learning languages, cultures, places... it's the best thing in life!
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      Nov 26 2013: Really thanks for your comment.
      From telling me language history to how to choose languages by myself.
      Really useful.
      I'm still learning for french now.
      I'm interesting for it but i don't know did I make wrong choose?
      Maybe I should choose more helpful languages first instead of french?
      (ex:Spanish,Portuguese ,Japanese...etc)
      Will you change your mind to give up French?
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        Nov 26 2013: I believe that your national language (chinese right?) + English is enough for your professional life in general, but depending on where you live, study or work, it is also very important to learn a third language.

        For example, if you're a Portuguese person working in Germany, probably you will have to speak a lot of German, besides Portuguese and English

        If you're a Chinese person living in France, probably you will have to speak a lot of French, besides Mandarin and English.

        Personally, I only learn new languages when I really need to, but I also move a lot... right now I'm living in Shanghai and I'm learning Mandarin to understand the people and the culture better. Although I'm not fluent yet, it already really helps me!

        It really depends on your situation... If you like to learn languages as a ''hobby'' , any language is worth learning! But if you're going to study or work in France, you should better study French... if you want to go to Mexico, you should better study Spanish... if you're working in Saudi Arabia, you should better learn Arabic.

        If you like French, then study French ;) I know it's a very difficult language for Asian people, especially because of the grammar, but Spanish and Portuguese have similar grammar to French.

        I'm from Portugal and I can read Spanish and French, although I never studied it.... it's all the same language group!
    • Nov 27 2013: 100% agree.

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