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How many languages should we learn in bussiness? which one we must have to learn?

In Asia every students are forced to learn english.But I think that's not really inspire for us .If you really insteresting for any languages you will study it by yourself instead of forcing.
Every teachers,parents,bosses told us that we have to speak as more as different languages but in this world have too much languages.
Beside english which language is the most people speaking?
And second?


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    Nov 25 2013: I speak 4 languages. I don't speak them because I had to, but because I had incentive to do so (business needs, better communication, liking the language, living in the place, etc).
    I think to your question as to how many languages you should learn there is no real answer.
    Learn whatever adds value. If you need English for business then learn English, if you like Tagalog because you like it's sound learn that, if you move to Sweden, then learning Swedish might become useful.
    • Nov 26 2013: I also speak 4 languages and only learned them because of the need to understand more people. As an Anthropologist I fount it to very important and useful when I want to get different kind of information. Now as I have have my little business it is very convenient. I think knowing languages gives you more advantage in life.
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        Nov 26 2013: Speaking to people in their own language is always the best, even if English would work most of the time. But usually people express themselves differently if they can speak in their own language.
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      Nov 26 2013: Really thanks for your comment.

      I'm still learning for french now.
      I'm interesting for it but i don't know did I make wrong choose?
      Maybe I should choose more helpful languages first instead of french?
      (ex:Spsnish,Portuguese ,Jananese...etc)
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        Nov 26 2013: Learning something, never is lost time. If you find that Spanish is more useful for you in the future you can still learn it. Actually it will be much easier because French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian have the same roots.
      • Nov 27 2013: Well the way I chose my languages was like this, I wanted to talk one East, one West, one South and one North language. I am from Lithuania so only one language missing is East. I was waiting for Hindi professor when I was still at my university, but in 2 Years he didn't arrive. Well this way is just my understanding, Hindi is not that useful but still wanna learn it. But I would choose Hebrew right now, mostly for economic reasons. And there's no one day I don't speak all o the languages I know, it's really amazing how much things and knowledge you can get being able to speak other languages. (I speak English, Russian, Spanish and my Lithuanian, so basically can have conversations with people who don't even speak them but speak similar languages, it helps a lot).
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        Nov 27 2013: I think learning French should be just for interest sake, unless you plan on doing business in or conversing in France.

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