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I am seeing How my life if being transformed and turning into a success because of the knowledge that I have gained through the Internet.

I believe that as africans we will get out of poverty quicker if we gain excess to the internet and see all the posibilities this world has to offer us, and when we see what is out there and what is possible, we will be self motivated to act on what we are seing. No amount of food parcels will get us out of povertyquicker than excess to information and knowledge from the internet. if it wan't for the internet I would not be were I am today and speaking the way I am speaking thank God for the Internet.

The internet has helped me develop personaly and find my dream and what I am passionate about, what we see in our communities can be very limiting and donting but when one see the world out there and what it had to offer through the internet hope and a purpose for success is inflicted in their heart and soul
they fight even harder and endure even more with a hope for abrighter day while they are working to achieve their newly found dreams and pasions.

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    Nov 28 2013: As a kid in school a subject was how to find stuff in the seemingly overwhelming local library, so a big part, I think, is how to use the internet wisely. I learned a lot online and i think sharing knowledge can bring cultures and different disciplines together.
    I once read a book about new media philosophy, and a thing i remembered the author pointing out that 'University' is an ancient concept, and new media can offer us 'Multiversity' a much more versatile collection of knowledge, which is yours to choose from. If you have access to this knowledge, share it and spread the word in your community.
    The danger is in the 'pollution' and the answer, i believe, is learning how to filter out what is relevant, positive and 'true'.

    Good to hear you're living your dream!

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    Nov 26 2013: Unathi, you tout the Internet as a way for Africans to get out of poverty. Therefore you must believe that Africa is currently poor. Can you give us a picture of what this poverty is? Even in America you will see what looks like poverty, for example, I live near Los Angeles, there is a section of Los Angeles called Skid Row where many homeless people live, they live on the sidewalk in tents, there are thousands of them. You can walk in Los Angeles and see a man digging through a trash can looking for food that other people have thrown away so he can eat it. So what you think is poverty unique to Africa may not be as unusual as you think. Do you have an opportunity to travel or live outside Africa? Maybe you should do that and see if you think that Africa is really poorer than other parts of the world.

    Jesus said you will always have poor people. What do you think, will we ever get rid of poor people 100%, or will we always have them?
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      Nov 26 2013: Hey Greg,

      Thanks for your comments, Poverty is the End product, God said man shall eat the sweat of his brow there are more abundant ways to sweat overseas than there are in africa as a whole, in africa there are very limited ways to sweat or mybe they are plenty but we as africans have not figured them out yet, as people who have been exposed to the Internet I have seen these abundant ways of sweating or should I say ways to make a living and most of them they are not known to a mear village boy, so if access to the internet was more and more acceseble then we would sea these ways of making living and try them out for ourselves.

      I believe to whom much is given much is required, so other countries presnt more opportunities for success than others do and those people who live in those countries dont have an accuse if things don't go right for them becasue they have an enormous amount of appotnities to eat the sweat of their brow where as in other countries this may not be the case!
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        Nov 26 2013: Thanks. Well, Unathi, I must admit I enjoy the Internet, but I am somewhat suspicious of it as well, sometimes I think my life would be better without it because I would be forced to interact with real living people right around me, in other words, people I can see, feel, smell, touch, rather than people I only communicate with via written words on a page. It is a very confusing and difficult issue for me. Do you see any downside to the Internet?
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          Nov 26 2013: Yes I do, the ponography I believe if one of them, many rapist have confest to be addicted to ponography and people who murder God's children and post it online to get recognised, if internet was not there alot of evil could have been avoided but sadly it has not. so yes there is so much about the internet that is negative.But the way I look at it, it is the best of both world, in which we need to use our self descipline and self control in order to manage it, here in South Africa the death penalty by hanging was used to kill freedom fighters but still that does not eliminate the effectiveness of the death penalty to fight crimes of premaditated murder! the same applies to the internet as much it is accountable for all the wrong that has been done it is also acountable for many of the achievements that we have today!
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        Nov 27 2013: here is something I would like to figure out, Unathi, you are asserting that other countries and continents have advanced more than Africa? But could we say that their advancement began to happen before the Internet, that it started decades or even centuries ago? So why did Africa not advance back then?
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          Nov 27 2013: I believe that every man's future is in his hands and other than this fact the only other reasons africa never advanced like other countries did was because of Recial Oppression and if you can recall that most african countries recieved their independence very late than most countries, like us in south africa we became independent only in 1994 when after Mandela was released from prison. as africans we have spent to much of our time fighting oppressions while other countries who had their independence were advancing economically and in all other forms. and thanks to the advancing of these countries because they were the ones who put sactions to all the african states that were still oppresing african natives. hope that answers your question!
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        Nov 28 2013: thanks, Unathi. Well, you might be right, I'm afraid that since I don't live in Africa and cannot see the whole picture, it is hard for me to say. That is one bad thing about the Internet, you are talking at a distance and it is hard to verify what the other person is saying. But how did the colonialists take over Africa, after all, Africans are great fighters and would have fought against it, right?
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      Nov 26 2013: I also think that is exactly what we need, we need to have millions and millions more of Heros that have achieved while they have remained here in Africa so that when we want to reference of someone successful we don't have to go over sees to find them.
  • Nov 25 2013: Okay I know nothing about your life But

    I do find you comment inspirational. To learn opens us up to new options.
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      Nov 26 2013: Thats true and when we learn we are able to gererate power from within us to succeed and drew from the power that we have been born with just like all other God's children that are in other continents.
      • Nov 27 2013: The net can serve a learning purpose and growth agenda I believe that experience is true of anyone who works at it.
  • Nov 25 2013: I believe so too. I would really like Sugata Mitra's idea applied in Africa. I bet it would lift a lot of Africans out of poverty in one generation or two. I'm glad the Internet has been such a big help to you, keep spreading the message among your community!
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      Nov 26 2013: I will My friend and I have a Plan to do so and I am working on it as we speak!
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        Nov 26 2013: how can we help?
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          Nov 26 2013: Well I am busy Building My profile as a professional speaker so that I can propose to Ted Talks to do a presentation to them of what my Idea and by doing that I beilive that I will get some credibility so that I will be in a position to create a continetal dialogue about the access of internet.

          So I want to know more about how I can create a more compleling argument and presentation so much that TED Talks can have me to speak at one of their functions
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    Nov 25 2013: May you continue to thrive and take advantage of the opportunities before you to learn, to connect, and to contribute.
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      Nov 26 2013: That is axactly what I am planning to do my friend whith all the knowledge that I have gained next year I am going to visit schools especialy here in the townships and governemnt of South Africa and sell the Idea of getting eccess of internet to every child some how.
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    Nov 25 2013: what do you see in your communities that is very limiting and daunting?
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      Nov 26 2013: What is limiting and Daunting

      1. People's dreams and goals are limited only to what they see in their environment and telivision their understanding of what the possilities are is very limited.
      2. People's self belief and courage is very crippling to them because of not knowing that what is possible out there is mind bogling just just like I have expirienced for myself, I have been wowed with what is possible as I have seen fom searching and surfing the net.
      3. Our History is another thing that is limiting and daunting our Mind vault of history is full of violence and racial oppresion. there are few success to drew from that we can use to propel us to the future.