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Education is the answer to all of our problems

Education is the answer to all the major problems that I can think of. For example, environmental problems like ozone depletion, global warming, animal extinction, could all be reduced if people had de right education. The rate of population growth could also decrease with increased education. So is there a problem that education can not solve?

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  • Dec 6 2013: The answer is complex and multifaceted and requires ALOT of resources (i.e. time, money, and manpower). This is particularly true in communities that are significantly impacted by poverty. I would suggest you look into the work of Geoffrey Canada. He has a TED talk and he is the founder and CEO of the Harlem Children's Zone. His effort has generated much enthusiasm, funding, and second order change that not-so-ironically has resulted in kids in one of the poorest communities of the US achieving at very high levels. His work is so great that the president of the United States has endorsed his work and has committed tens of millions of dollars for similar communities to replicate his work.

    The basic idea? Bring the "perks" that well off kids have to the kids who are poor. Bring them health care, bring them parenting support, bring them better teachers, bring them better programs, give them access to the best technologies, bring them the best in nutrition...and start providing these kinds of services from the moment the child is born.

    I work in the poorest zip code in my state. I am currently leading an effort to do this kind of work. The first thing I did is start talking about it, kind of like I am here with you (and whoever else is reading). You will find that people are chomping at the bit to be part of this work, but many times don't follow through. You've got to be the one who follows through. Once enough people believe whole heartedly the same things you do you have to raise money. This can be federal money, or private money...to do this work you need resources like I mentioned previously.

    RIght now our partners are collaborating to apply for, and have a good chance of receiving, half a million dollars to get started. It's exciting, but there are also high levels of accountability. If what you can do what you say you can do then you will most likely continue to receive funding. Anyway...Just one man's opinion :)

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