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Education is the answer to all of our problems

Education is the answer to all the major problems that I can think of. For example, environmental problems like ozone depletion, global warming, animal extinction, could all be reduced if people had de right education. The rate of population growth could also decrease with increased education. So is there a problem that education can not solve?

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  • Dec 5 2013: Olivia, nice name by the way...that is my daughter's name :) Ironically enough, I posted a conversation on here several months ago that challenged that the educational system played a vital role in positively impacting societal issues of social justice. I got varying remarks, most stating that the "system" should pay more attention to fixing core/basic instruction instead of wasting time worrying about what's happening in the community. What you are saying here, Olivia, is spot on in my opinion. That being said, there are MANY factors that serve as distractors for the massive portion of our population that are undereducated. Poverty is the result of the cyclical action that lack of education feeds. I could go on and on about the affects of poverty, but long story short...we can't JUST focus on education in the "here and now," meaning only while students are in school. There has to be a simultaneous effort to produce the greatest impact possible while kids are in school AND to produce the greatest impact PRIOR to students coming to school...the cradle to career way of thinking. Just one man's opinion....
    • Dec 6 2013: Andre, thank you very much!!! Olivia is a nice name, fortunately hahaha. I totally agree with you, in order to solve many problems, education should not be concentrated only while kids are in school, but also before (and even after, if necessary). However, I don't know how this could be done. How could you produce an impact prior to students coming to school?

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