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Education is the answer to all of our problems

Education is the answer to all the major problems that I can think of. For example, environmental problems like ozone depletion, global warming, animal extinction, could all be reduced if people had de right education. The rate of population growth could also decrease with increased education. So is there a problem that education can not solve?

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  • Nov 25 2013: Education is sort of a big concept. I would say that education at school alone can't deal with most problems, it needs to be redesigned so that a student's education can continue outside the classroom and because of the student's own will. Going back to the main topic, it can certainly help a lot if properly redesigned, but I believe there are other factors to take into account.
    • Nov 30 2013: exactly people should have the consciousness you mentioned above.
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      Nov 30 2013: Rodrigo and Edulover,
      I agree that education is a broad concept, and there are many ways in which people can be educated, or educate themselves....formal classroom....their own exploration of life....taking in as much information as possible at any given time.......

      That being said, it seems like a good foundation for ALL types of education, might be to support and encourage the curiosity and joy with learning that children often have naturally? That might support a continuing exploration of the life adventure?
      • Dec 1 2013: Hi Dear Colleen,exactly agree with you:to support and encourage the curiosity and joy with learning that children often have naturally..."Meanwhile being an supporter or educator,be ready to help but never force...

        Now the educaiton system ,teachers ignore students' need.So eduation doesn't mean:fill a tank fully but encourage the curiosity.
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          Dec 1 2013: It seems like you are a very good educator Edulover. I think educators can learn some things from the students as well?
      • Dec 4 2013: Lol,not yet,I am trying to be a very good learner.absolutely I learn from my students everyday when I have classes together with them:we talk to each other,students all reflect me to think,do all I can do for students.Sometimes patient is the most important.
      • Dec 4 2013: Colleen, I guess you made it quite clear: supporting children in their curiosity and joy for learning is definitely the way to go. But I bet it's a hard thing to do when the system has already set them goals that you must make them reach... or get fired. That's the case where I live at least. Well, perhaps Edulover can elaborate on this more than I do.

        Oh, and here is a problem education at school cannot solve: the failures of education at school. It's a circle: the kids will send their kids when they get to be parents and so on and so on. It's up to us adults to realize, through alternative forms of education like TED, that the educational system of schools has to be changed as our societies change as well, and to make a difference. But it cannot be solved on education at school alone (after all, no-one teaches us that the system is bad at school, right?).

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