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Education is the answer to all of our problems

Education is the answer to all the major problems that I can think of. For example, environmental problems like ozone depletion, global warming, animal extinction, could all be reduced if people had de right education. The rate of population growth could also decrease with increased education. So is there a problem that education can not solve?

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    Nov 28 2013: A quick thought; in our society being educated is based on what university you went, and mainly focused on IQ.
    I think development of our EQ should be equally important in formal education, so not only having a lot of theoretical knowledge solves problems, also being able to be empathic, understanding, respectfull to me is important in order to adress the problems you're pointing out.
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      Dec 2 2013: I agree Mike. What if we made "kindness education" (things like gratitude, compassion, forgiveness) a part of mainstream curriculum? I have been working passionately on this idea the past year and just released a short to the upcoming feature film, "Making Man…Kind": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsOHF8BhqgU

      It is my belief that we (human-kind) all have kindness within us, and that to be kind (compassionate, grateful etc) is a choice…and possibly a skill we can develop.

      As much as technology in some ways can keep us from making personal contact with each other…it can also be used to connect us…as we are right now. Having grown up with technology, perhaps the millennium generation can be encouraged to choose to use it to spread a positive message. This is my hope; that we can empower youthful change-makers to help redesign education so that learning to COUNT…it's just numbers & mathematics.
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        Dec 2 2013: Hi Julia, I understand is that EQ (opposed to IQ which apperently is pretty much fixed at birth) is a skill that actually can be developed over life. It's pretty crazy how simple too.
        David Servan-Schreiber describes how to train EQ with cognitive exercises (book: Instinct to Heal), basically creating a balance between the rational part of your brain and the emotional (primoral) brain through, for example, monitored eyemovents or breathing to reach a coherent heart rythm. Might be from a different angle (fighting depression, or cope with trauma) but the body and soul are very much connected and maybe these treatments could be somehow designed into basic essential parts of health-education?
        Keep up the good work! ;)

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