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Should Hospitals have the right to treat patients while ignoring their religious beliefs or general beliefs.

Lately, I have been reading a lot of stories of Hospitals treating very sick kids while ignoring their parents religious beliefs. Now the question I have to the TED community is do you think this is right? I believe that Hospitals should have the right to treat the sick while ignoring people's religious beliefs. Why you may ask? Because religion has not yet caught up to science. Why would anyone want to leave their life in the hands of religion which is not proven to save your life? Compared to medical treatments which are proven to give you a better chance of living. Now I am not here to offend anyone's views or beliefs I just wanted to get some feedback on this issue. My thinking is is that once my life is endangered religion is an afterthought. Thank you


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  • Dec 11 2013: Young children do not have developed philosophies of religion. Instead they rely heavily on their parents for guidance. I believe that hospitals should respect the religious beliefs of the patient, but the patient's beliefs may not be the same as the parent's beliefs. I for one do not want my medical fate decided by my parents, since they do not share my beliefs.

    The most important aspect of this question is the welfare of the patient. If the patient is a child, any religious beliefs of the child are a result of indoctrination and can be ignored in favor of saving their life. Granted, there isn't a specific age at which you can point to at which a child gains the ability to critically analyze their beliefs. Mainly because most adults have yet to do so. Since this is about the legality of such decisions, I believe that a law should be passed that mandates a specific age before which the parents cannot prevent treatment of their child on grounds of religious observances. What age? What do you think?
    • Dec 13 2013: Does 16 sound like a good age? At least that's when I started to get interested in learning about religion and beliefs. I agree with everything you say

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