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Should Hospitals have the right to treat patients while ignoring their religious beliefs or general beliefs.

Lately, I have been reading a lot of stories of Hospitals treating very sick kids while ignoring their parents religious beliefs. Now the question I have to the TED community is do you think this is right? I believe that Hospitals should have the right to treat the sick while ignoring people's religious beliefs. Why you may ask? Because religion has not yet caught up to science. Why would anyone want to leave their life in the hands of religion which is not proven to save your life? Compared to medical treatments which are proven to give you a better chance of living. Now I am not here to offend anyone's views or beliefs I just wanted to get some feedback on this issue. My thinking is is that once my life is endangered religion is an afterthought. Thank you


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    Dec 11 2013: If your arm is removed in a corn picker, you're out of luck with most Gods — even all-powerful deities won't attempt a replacement for fear of a malpractice claim. I guess omnipotence just ain't what it used to be.

    Let me ask you something: If you were a Physician, had a patient with a limb that was regenerating 20 years(via faith or spiritua; healing) after it had been amputated because of trauma, and had compelling, unequivocal evidence to prove it, what would you do? I know what I’d do. I’d submit a case report to the New England Journal of Medicine! That's what I'd do. If I had the goods that proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt, It would be indeed a miracle!!!, -But none to date-

    Another infant dies due to belief in faith-healing 2009

    Child Fatalities From Religion-motivated Medical Neglect

    What's the harm?

    "Do not pass by my epitaph, traveler. But having stopped, listen and learn, then go your way. There is no boat in Hades, no ferryman Charon, No caretaker Aiakos, no dog Cerberus. All we who are dead below Have become bones and ashes, but nothing else. I have spoken to you honestly, go on, traveler, Lest even while dead I seem talkative to you". -
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