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Should Hospitals have the right to treat patients while ignoring their religious beliefs or general beliefs.

Lately, I have been reading a lot of stories of Hospitals treating very sick kids while ignoring their parents religious beliefs. Now the question I have to the TED community is do you think this is right? I believe that Hospitals should have the right to treat the sick while ignoring people's religious beliefs. Why you may ask? Because religion has not yet caught up to science. Why would anyone want to leave their life in the hands of religion which is not proven to save your life? Compared to medical treatments which are proven to give you a better chance of living. Now I am not here to offend anyone's views or beliefs I just wanted to get some feedback on this issue. My thinking is is that once my life is endangered religion is an afterthought. Thank you


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    Dec 11 2013: Praying, hoping, wishing, concentrating real hard, crossing fingers, rubbing lucky rabbits foot, throwing salt over shoulder, nailing crows to a wooden post, etc. etc. etc. --- none illegal or necessarily even wrong, but by themselves not adequate medical care for easily fixable problems.

    After a series of incidents with a local religious group resulting in death, the state government of Oregon decided in March 2011 that faith healing is not an acceptable defense against neglect charges.-wise- specially when children are involved.

    BBC London investigated Churches that declared that had cure folks infected with HIV caused three deaths
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14406818 .

    So if the gods are in the mood to heal you then faith healing is 100% effective,if not still just as effective because is the gods will was for you not to get well. Special pleading.
    Benny Hinn was sued and lost three wrongful death law suits. (out of court settlements/ undisclosed payments). All three times, Hinn told people at his crusades they were healed of cancer or AIDS. These victims, believed the lies of Benny Hinn, stopped taking their medicine and died.-It is one thing to permit these men air time to exploit the desperate, but quite another to give them the freedom to make people believe that god is acting through them, and that they can cure some terrible affliction that they have. It is utterly irresponsible to suggest or instruct someone to dispense with normal medical practice. They should be regulated-Doctors are-
    All the prayers in the world won't replace the need for a skilled surgeon.Not going to a doctor is like asking the gods to send you a taxi when there's a bus right in front of you.
    There is no human being known to me that can cure cancers, blindness, or return the limbs to amputees by any supernatural means. There simply is no evidence that faith healing heals. Not what science considers evidence.

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