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Should Hospitals have the right to treat patients while ignoring their religious beliefs or general beliefs.

Lately, I have been reading a lot of stories of Hospitals treating very sick kids while ignoring their parents religious beliefs. Now the question I have to the TED community is do you think this is right? I believe that Hospitals should have the right to treat the sick while ignoring people's religious beliefs. Why you may ask? Because religion has not yet caught up to science. Why would anyone want to leave their life in the hands of religion which is not proven to save your life? Compared to medical treatments which are proven to give you a better chance of living. Now I am not here to offend anyone's views or beliefs I just wanted to get some feedback on this issue. My thinking is is that once my life is endangered religion is an afterthought. Thank you


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    Nov 27 2013: Let me share a personal story. In the month of Sept: 2014 my grandson was admitted in one of the best hospital for seemingly ordinary appendicitis operation thru microscopy. Something went wrong, he had to undergo another microscopy, followed by an open surgery and his hospital stay stretched to 22 days. The team of specialists were doing their job, but I could see the frustration day in and day out.

    I was also worried but with my strong belief system and faith and total surrender to God, and all the prayers of relatives and well wishers, and healing practices, that in no way interfered with the medical treatment I realized that my grandson recovered. He was about to be wheeled for his fourth operation, and a miracle for me and my family, I do not know what the doctors thought about it, but I know they were all surprised, and end result the operation was postponed, and within 4 days my grandson recovered and was out of the hospital.

    This experience proves that religion, your faith and prayers, and healing plays a vital role when one's life is endangered.
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      Dec 9 2013: I'm not sure this proves anything.

      sometimes what you pray for happens. Some times it doesn't.

      no proof of A casual relationship.

      what about all the times people pray for their relatives and they die?

      The studies I'm aware of show prayer does not improve medical outcomes.

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