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If you could work from anywhere—where would that be and why?

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    Nov 28 2013: Fritzie hit the nail on the head ... it depends greatly on the work you do. In my case most of my work has always been classified ... working on line is not what they want ... taking classified materials home is not a good idea either .... so for my work it is usually the secure office environment.

    However, your question was IF ... I prefer the formality of the office environment ... let me explain. I go home to get away from work ... I hang my problems on the imaginary tree outside and enter the "family" area ... my priorities are different than at work .... for work I dress professionally .. at home I am dressed to suit the occasion .. at the office I have access to all the materials I need ... working from the beach would be nice, if I were a bartender or lifeguard ...

    I worked for a major aircraft manufacturer and was often sent on long term assignments. I always came in early and stayed late to work on the assignment .... We had people who wanted to work like it was dorm life .. read a chapter while drinking a beer. Just not my way.

    As for physical location ... I am more of a wide open spaces person than a city dweller. I have always came in early. I can get more done in two uninterrupted hours than in most of the rest of the day. My days were mostly meetings where little is ever accomplished but time is invested. I closed my door both early and late to think, reflect, and seek a better solution.

    The office and the professional dress send the message that it is time to focus ... it also tells others that within there is a person who will attend to matters and get results. I am not for sure the beach bum scene would inspire my trust. That would send the message that this person is more about self interests than my interests. Just my opinion.

    How about you Amy. You must have thought about your answer to this prior to posting the question.

    Share with us ..... Bob.
    • Nov 29 2013: Bob,

      Did you have a safe in your office with random searches of the safe contents to make sure nothing was missing and daily checks whether the safe was locked?
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        Nov 29 2013: One job I worked inside of a safe within a safe ... I all of my jobs there were many types of safety checks .. including random searches and checks. I always complied and still think that security is a good idea. Of course I was a small fish and never worked in the White House of Congress where classified leaks are good for business and no one ever gets into trouble for those leaks. Leaks and violations at my level usually means jail time.

        Wow ... I want to run for congress ... lies, bribes, insider trading, security leaks are all part of the job description .. naw I can't .. I have a conscience, morals, and ethics ... to bad .. it pays good.

        So the $50 dollar question .. why do you ask??????
        • Nov 29 2013: reminds me about another life where i had to lock all my work and could not tell people where I worked - part of the time I worked in a steel cube in a cement cube with the air pumped out between them. the steel cube was on gimbals.
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    Nov 28 2013: International Space Station, Amy. I would love to teach my students from there using distance learning.
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      Nov 28 2013: And I bet your students would love to have it the other way around ... :o)

      I don't recall how many times I wished some of my teachers to appear on the dark side of the moon ... distant learning, however, seems to somewhat take the beauty out of such thoughts ... lol

      No offense! ;o)
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    Lejan .

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    Nov 26 2013: Instead of helping companies to get even more done (the pitfall of exponential growth), it is about time that we start using our technology to work less by keeping the same. Deceleration for our own sake, so to say.
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    Nov 25 2013: This depends greatly on the work you do. As I have done mostly people-centered work, I prefer looking into people's eyes and gathering all the messages one can gather from personal contact rather than purely online interaction. I prefer working elbow to elbow with my team.

    But I prefer to do much of my underlying research and reflective activity at home.

    Another issue that I am sure would affect my preferences is the length of time lost to commuting. This has seldom been an issue for me, because I have not lived far from my workplace in a commuting situation, but I have also done work for an institution thousands of miles from home in which I would much rather have worked remotely than not had that opportunity at all.
  • Dec 9 2013: I'd like to work in the cafe.
    I prefer to study at a cafe rather than at home. I don't know the reason but I can concentrate better.
    Perhaps nobody interrupts me and I can get coffee and tea. It's the perfect place to me.
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    Gord G

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    Dec 2 2013: Anywhere is exactly where I plan to work. Why? Because that's where everything is happening.
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    Nov 29 2013: That would be great, I'd like to choose to work anywhere as I like that time. The diversity is important. At this moment, becasue it's cold outside, I'd like to work in my bed.Also working in some beautiful places of visit could be a good choice.
  • Nov 29 2013: Bob and Fritzie have it right. It depends on the individual and the task. Some people seem to be able to work at home quite well. I need to be in the office for certain tasks, like interacting with people to nail down requirements - need to read their body language and probe to see what is want vs need. If I have to write a standard or policy (which I hate) I can not do it at home or at the office. I will put it off as much possible. I do that out of the office, away from all distractions and then I get so bored, I do the writing.