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What is out of kilter in Financial Services for employees & society at large?What seeds of positive change are in the wind or on the ground?

There is a lot of admirable focus these days on culture, sustainability and ethics in the financial sector, but ideals can be stunted by everyday realities or sown even by small victories -so what are they? This is a listening question to help inform a volunteer group of insiders and concerned citizens seeking to care for and encourage the soil and seeds that positive change will sprout from. We think it will emerge more from conversations like this than someone’s forced agenda.

Thank you so much. Our group, City Forum, is in partnership with St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation (a multi-faith and secular focused London charity founded out of the ruins of a 1993 terrorist bombing whose mission is ”to help people build relationships across divisions of conflict, culture and religion”). We have begun organizing events around these general topics and your responses will help aid our research and strategy setting. You can search us using “City Forum St Ethelburga’s” to find out more.


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  • Nov 28 2013: I don't know if this helps, but a friend of the family, Sam Greene, was the Father of microeconomics. He would go to villages in Guatemala in the 1960's and ask the village elder what they needed (His program was called, "Pennies for Progress"). If they said they needed a pump, he would provide them with a microloan to buy the pump and each of the villagers might donate a penny a day to repay the loan. His repayment rate was phenomenal and he would use the repayment to provide other villages with the basics of living.
    • Nov 28 2013: Great example.
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      Nov 28 2013: Thanks for getting us started. It is great to be reminded that meaningful changes do not need to start large.

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