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Can you be too young to fall in love?

Do you think you can be too young to fall in love? I ask this because when I was 14 I fell in love with a girl and adults told me I was too young to fall in love and all that BUT who are they to tell me what I love? Nobody can define love. Nobody can see what you see in a person. In my eyes and reality I was in love with this girl or what I believed to be love at that moment in time. They didn't know what I was seeing or feeling. Why else would they say 'love is blind?

Let me hear your thoughts, do you think you can be too young to fall in love? Remember love is not just towards a person.

Oh and if you're interested in what happened - Me and the girl was together for nearly 4 years and split on a mutual decision as we was completely different people over the years, but I still love her, not in a sexual way but in a friendly way. Love is strange. Young or old.

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    Nov 25 2013: Too young???? Falling in love is the first thing you do when you're born!
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      Nov 29 2013: Hi, I think the first thing I did when I was born was crying hard to let people know they should feed me and I was powerful.
  • Nov 28 2013: No, but as many have pointed out, people change over time and relationship must change to match the change. Can it last for a long time? Yes. I had 2 friends that met in 1st grade and were always together. They were married at 18 and celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. The wife died of cancer this year and the husband died a month later.
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    Nov 26 2013: I don't think you can be too young to fall in love but I think there needs to be a certain amount of life experience before a person can deal with the feelings and emotions that come along with love. Unless that person has exceptional interpersonal or emotional intelligence.
    • Nov 30 2013: Someone once said, "Falling in love is easy; but staying in love is something very special." Yes, usually it takes a few, or several, tries before they start to figure things out.
      Love can hit pretty-dang hard. If you're not a balanced person, it can knock you out! (Or it can knock you back into balance - funny-thing, love!)
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    Nov 25 2013: Josh, The word "love" has been given a bad rap. Love your parents, love that song, love a soda, love, love, love ... At 14 your hormones were starting to run amok ... your association with "older" people ... boys "locker room" talk ... first looks at "those" magazines ...a combination of all of these things make it tough on a young man.

    Your never to young or to old to fall in love .... but the type of love is different for all ages and situations. After a few cold ones at the local bar on the weekend ... it is most likely lust rather than love.

    I once read about a test for love: Lock your "love" girlfriend in a closet and your dog in another closet. After a couple of hours let them both out ... which one is glad to see you? DISCLAIMER: Do not do this .... LOL.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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    Nov 26 2013: One is never too young to fall in love. We're made for love and from love. I think love is one of the few things really worth. Life without love can be awful. Even when one is not at present in love, one always keep in the heart a true love -or an image of true love- to anybody.
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    Nov 25 2013: I fell in love with my aunt's best girlfriend when I was 11 years old. I remember that she used to let me carry her duffel bag while returning from dance school and I felt ecstatic. I could never explain to her that I seriously wanted to marry her. That was one love.
    At 17 I fell for a catholic girl, who reciprocated the feeling. However she thought that she could marry only someone of her faith. The girl died of gum cancer when she was 20. That was another love.
    I am living with my partner of 24 years now. This is another love.
    Its like watching sun at dawn, noon and afternoon. all splendid, all same sun but all so different.
    You can fall in love at any age you love to.
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    Nov 25 2013: I don't know,i personally didn't had that experience.
    But i do think that you don't get that sense of responsibility until you becomes an adult.Even some adults today are still not mature enough to care for others,still called "kidults".

    I am 17 and i haven't fell in love before,am i too old to fall in love?
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    Nov 25 2013: I would think you could fall in love at 14, but it might be a different feeling or experience than at a different age.
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      Nov 26 2013: It certainly is a different feeling at a different age, yet does age affect its value?
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        Nov 26 2013: possibly it would depend on the individual, Lejan .? In certain people it could be very trivial at a young age, others might have more of a vision of themselves and what they want and thus falling in love could be deep and positive.
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          Lejan .

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          Nov 27 2013: This is actually the question, Greg, are we allowed to call the feelings of another person trivial?

          For ourselves, in retrospect and in comparison we may can do that, but for others?
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        Nov 27 2013: thanks, Lejan .. Well, I suppose we could call the feelings of another person trivial, but we would also want to marshal the evidence as to why we believe their feelings are trivial, and present this evidence to them and give them a chance to respond to it, and have a dialogue. But we would have to be very careful about forcing them to do anything, for instance, if a parent tries to force their child to stay away from another child who they are in love with, that is a more significant decision.
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    Nov 30 2013: Love can never be understood, but can be lived. Love is a state of mind of pure perception, where perceptual distortions are not present. But that is hard to do because as soon as we label experiences, we immediately distort them in mainly 2 ways: desirable and undesirable. We pursue the desirable and avoid the undesirable. One is called excitement, the other is called anxiety. Both are emotional, distorted states. Love is an affinity to all life and living things, and is a state of absolute freedom from fear. When one is free from fear, one loses the self-conscious state and all the barriers that the self-conscious state carries, disappear. Then there is Light, which is pure perception. Now, faling in love, is falling into the state of desireless state of pure perception. Is one young or old to do that? Or am I misunderstanding the question?
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    Nov 27 2013: The definition of love may be different for each age. Love is different for each and every individual. It depends on how you react to your emotions of love, but an individual is never too young to fall in love.
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    Nov 27 2013: I think that the love you feel, or think you feel, at 14 is different than the one you feel at 18, 22 or 45. all are different. I think you need to experience that first love at whatever age to get past it to a more mature and realistic love. But too young? I don't think you are too young to fall in love...I just think you're too young to feel the kind of love that you think you are feeling, the kind you see "grown ups" feeling.
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    Nov 25 2013: I'm loving these answers! Guess its just the simple ignorant mind that believe you can be too young!!!!
  • Nov 25 2013: "Falling in love" is a short-term hormonal condition (endorphin overdose) accompanied by focus on a specific individual. It might be possible at any age. It is also a very stupid reason upon which to base any life decisions, since it always, without exception, disappears. Long-term interpersonal relationships are generally not possible for a human brain until adolescence has finished.